What is the benefit of Cloud POS System?

19 September, 2017

Access from Anywhere

Conventionally, you’ll need to bring along your bulky POS system and connect it to your desktop for  roadshow. But with Vend system, you  may conveniently access to your POS system from anywhere with any devices – without the physical machine!


Security features

Most of the Cloud POS use multiple firewalls and VPN services to help block any unauthorized system access. It also maintain relationships with reputable independent security firms to regularly perform penetration tests, source code assessments and security reviews.


Automatic update

The beauty of cloud system is that the serves are off-premise. Your vendor will take care of them for you and roll out regular software updates. These include the security update too. The best part is you do not need waste time to maintain the system yourself.


Looking to move on cloud?

Vend POS is consider one of the best POS system in the word. Here’s the 3 reasons why retailers have chosen Vend over the competition.

1. It is intuitive and incredibly easy to use

2. Vend grow and scale with your business

3. It’s quickly and easy to get started with Vend

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