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What is FoodZaps?

FoodZaps provides a comprehensive F&B ordering management system which is user friendly and low hardware requirement to help your F&B business to operate in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Sign with Singpass Enabled

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore has launched a new feature called Sign with Singpass, which allows Singpass app users to digitally sign their documents. With over 2.5 million registered Singpass app users, Dedoco is one of the first digital signing application providers to offer this new feature!

Decentralized approach

Dedoco’s platform is built around the principles of privacy, trust and security, through a decentralized, end-to-end technology. Dedoco’s unique decentralized infrastructure sets itself apart from competitors by not storing any of your files on its servers, thereby lowering the possibility of a data leak.

Powerful tools to manage your team at every stage

  • Attracting top talent
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Payroll and payment
  • Learning and development
  • Managing turnover
Bitrix24 improves communications by combining many popular collaboration tools in its platform. e.g.: Activity stream, group chat, calendars, videoconferencing and more!
Task & Project
The task & project management feature allows you to monitor the progress of your work easily. It comes with time tracking function, reminders, reporting, task dependencies and more!
Probably the most popular and affordable CRM in the world. Its useful features allow sales teams to keep track and follow up with the potential leads. You can run email marketing and Facebook retargeting campaigns from your CRM directly!
Bitrix24 comes with a visual website builder where you can create stunningly beautiful websites, landing pages and e-commerce. There are dozens of free responsive templates available that come with built-in CRM, website form builder and email marketing!

Automate your bookkeeping

Capture data automatically from invoices, bills & receipts and send it straight to MYOBXero  or QuickBooks!

With Datamolino, you are able to:

  • Automated invoice processing system
  • Process purchase bills and receipt faster
  • Collaborate with your colleagues and clients

What is Validus Financing Platform?

Validus is an online aggregator platform for SMEs to secure short term and medium term financing. Validus offers access to financing from individual and institutional Lenders. As a Peer‐to‐Business lending marketplace, Validus is using technology to minimise the cost of financial intermediation, and passing the benefits to both investors, and SMEs.

Your invoice processing will be as as easy as 1-2-3

1st Step

Scan your bills and receipt to Datamolino.

2nd Step

Datamolino process and recognize information such as supplier, data, item line details, tax and amount.

3rd Step

Integrate with your accounting software right away!

User Review

Andy Hawkins, Propel by Deloitte
Good format for processing receipts, very versatile for different clients. The support team are the best around, always get a fast reply with good results whenever I’ve contacted them!
Mark Purvis, GY Computers
Love this app! Its saved me so much time as i’m behind in my bookkeeping and it really helped the process. Manual is so 2014!
Paul Clark, Paul Clark Accountants Limited
This is an excellent system which has enabled us to speed up the input of sales and purchase invoices considerably. The staff at Datamolino are brilliant, always doing their best to answer any queries or sort out any problems quickly.

Smart Design uses machine learning to simplify your creative workflow. Less manual work, more time to focus on the bigger picture.
*Auto-generates thousands of project variations
*Analyzes your data to suggest the best content
*Includes auto-resizing and content replacement

Fast Creations

Create full marketing campaigns in only 2 minutes with artificial intelligence. Quicker creation time, more clients and revenue.
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Easily accessible Payroll & HR Data

Our mobile app allows you and your employees the access to update and interact with HR related matters on the go.

Easily accessible Payroll & HR Data

Our mobile app allows you and your employees the access to update and interact with HR related matters on the go.

Here are the steps on how to register and set up InvoiceNow in Xero through the integration partner, Storecove.


Multi-Device Ordering
Multi-Device Ordering
Ability to use many ordering devices at the same time with ease, and customers can simply place their orders with just a few clicks.
Works Both Online & Offline
Works Both Online & Offline
Data will automatically be synced to the cloud when you are online. The system will continue to run even when offline and then updated again when back online.
Simple Setup
Simple Setup
Within minutes of connecting your new outlet(s) to the software, you will be all ready to serve your very first customer!
Quick Training
Quick Training
With a simple-to-use platform, your staff will be able to handle it with ease within minutes.
Devices In Sync
Devices In Sync
Data from all devices can be synced together on the same platform, allowing you to have an overall picture of the operations.
Transaction Management
Transaction Management
Money movements can be tracked readily to minimise errors, thefts and discrepancies.
Gift Cards & Vouchers
Gift Cards & Vouchers
Build up your customer loyalty through issuing gift cards and using a voucher system.
Cloud-Based System
Cloud-Based System
Manage your outlets from the outside with all data available anywhere and anytime.
QR code ordering
QR code ordering
Allow your customer to scan QR code to order, this is the newest BYOD concept.

FoodZaps Pricing Plan

Full Course

There’s a reason why DESIGNS.AI has reached 250,000 satisfied clients & users!

ABSS PSG Application and Claim process guides

ABSS PSG Application and Claim process guides

Enjoy FREE K-Reporting (Worth US$199/month) when you subscribe Xero through us!

K-Reporting is an automated financial reporting tool that provides you with customizable reports and visualization.

Why choose Team 361 as your Xero vendor?

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Xero PSG Application and Claim process guides

Here are the steps on how to register and set up InvoiceNow in Xero through the integration partner, Storecove.

Training is provided to ensure that you fully utilize the powerful capabilities of Xero

Learn what we cover in our training sessions here

FoodZaps Software: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FoodZaps is an Android POS application that connects all your devices and provides you with more efficient management of your outlets. The comprehensive F&B ordering management system is simple to use and is cost-efficient. Some functional features of FoodZaps include quick ordering, menu engineering and reports consolidating.

You do not need to be a professional in order to use FoodZaps. Any user without an IT background will be able to download the application and complete the setup effortlessly. The analytic reports generated through FoodZaps are all easy to understand and they provide a comprehensive overview of the business status. In addition, the inventory management module records all orders and keeps track of your stock level, thereby giving you reminders when stock is running low.

FoodZaps is suitable for almost all types of F&B operations, from hawker stalls, food trucks, cafes, restaurants, to even bars and clubs.

Yes, its Inventory module provides detailed tracking of your inventory. It supports up to the individual ingredient level (e.g. baking of Butter Cake will deduct: 50g flour, 5g sugar, 3 eggs). Users can set warning alerts when the stock reaches the minimum quantity.

Yes, it is a cloud-based POS system that comes with a mobile ordering solution. The advantage is that when internet connection is down, it can still perform in an offline mode and then automatically backups to cloud again when the internet is back.

Customers just need to scan the QR code and start their ordering. This method saves time and eliminates errors. Payment will only be concluded after all orderings are completed, so customers can still continue to place additional orders during meal times.

FoodZaps generally supports all Android devices, however we do recommend a few selected models which are more durable and reliable (eg. Samsung).

Team 361 is an official authorised partner of FoodZaps. Being a leading cloud integrator, we are proud to represent multiple software solutions. We provide unbiased recommendations and will only propose the most appropriate and value-for-money solutions for you, including the information on relevant grant support available.

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