Dedoco Digital Signing Platform

A decentralized document solution
that streamlines your digital workflow


What is Dedoco?

Dedoco is a document workflow and digital signing platform that enables end-to-end document signing, encryption, and sharing. It is designed to increase efficiency and compliance while maintaining document security and data privacy.

With an easy-to-use Application Programming Interface and Software as a Service that can be used across all sectors, businesses could digitalise their documents and signature processes. Based in Singapore, Dedoco has served across Governments and public sectors, HR, banking and finance, corporate secretaries, and auditing businesses among others.

Sign with Singpass Enabled

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore has launched a new feature called Sign with Singpass, which allows Singpass app users to digitally sign their documents. With over 2.5 million registered Singpass app users, Dedoco is one of the first digital signing application providers to offer this new feature!

Decentralized approach

Dedoco’s platform is built around the principles of privacy, trust and security, through a decentralized, end-to-end technology. Dedoco’s unique decentralized infrastructure sets itself apart from competitors by not storing any of your files on its servers, thereby lowering the possibility of a data leak.


Fully Customisable Smart Contracts

Manage and configure your business workflows easily via Dedoco smart contracts which provide both automation and tamper-proofing. Dedoco can handle simple workflows with a single document and signature to more complex workflows with multiple document sequences and signers.

Flexible Workflow Options

Dedoco allows businesses and individuals to customize digital workflow templates to meet their specific requirements, regardless how complicated your workflow is or how you choose to send the documents. You can save time on manual operations and wet-ink signature by having an automated progress schedule for your digital documents.


Dedoco is fully compliant with the Electronic Transactions Act, Cap 88, and the Electronics Transactions (Certification Authority) Regulations 2020.

Privacy & Trust

Dedoco’s platform is built in such a way that none of your documents or workflow processes are stored on its servers. Moreover, the blockchain-based architecture creates an audit trail. With this, Dedoco users can use the registered document hash to check if the document has been tampered with before signing it. Dedoco documents can also be signed with government-issued digital signatures, ensuring that the documents and their signers are credible and from reliable sources.

Dedoco Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The process of creating an account is simple and can be accomplished in three easy steps! Register, create your profile and activate your account! Signers do not need to be onboarded, and only document creators will require an account login.

To sign a Dedoco document using SingPass, download the SingPass mobile app from the Appstore or Playstore and log in with valid credentials.

Dedoco is mobile optimised for registration and signing. However, you are strongly advised to create a document using your desktop browser for the best experience.

During the creation and signing procedure, the Dedoco platform does not save nor store your documents. The platform simply captures the document’s checksum, also known as Document Hash, as a document identity when it loads the document.

Because the platform does not save your document, it will only be accessible to the document’s originator. In a scenario where the originator uses the Dedoco Secure Share method, the recipients will then have access to the document via the signing link.

Yes, simply click the signing link in your email, which will take you to the Dedoco platform where you may sign on your phone, tablet, or computer.

When a document is registered on Dedoco, a document hash is created. This may be retrieved at a later stage to execute a “check hash” function during the signing process. This helps in authenticating the document’s integrity by ensuring that it is the original version. Any modification to the document will result in a new hash, rendering it tamper-proof.

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