StaffAny Workforce Management Solution

SMEs are eligible for up to 50% Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) support for the adoption of StaffAny, a Pre-Approved Solution under the IMDA SMEs Go Digital programme.

StaffAny package includes 1 year of software subscription for all features, software implementation and onsite training

What is StaffAny Workforce Management Software?

StaffAny is a scheduling software for companies engaging hourly workers. We empower business owners by reducing work dedicated to scheduling and time-tracking, and reducing the operational costs by minimising time theft and overtime spend. Gone are the time-consuming, tedious days of clunky spreadsheets or paperwork.


Simplify timesheets
Easily track employee hours for greater payroll accuracy and insight into workforce productivity.
Scheduling is easy
Create and edit schedules with a click, then notify your employees instantly. Anytime, anywhere.
Get jobs done
Assign tasks to team members and get notified when they are done. You could also track their performance!
Stay connected with Newsfeed
Communicate with your staff, share important messages and contribute to the workplace conversation.

What is Qashier POS?

Qashier is an all-in-one device that helps retailers and F&B businesses to manage their payments and operations. Boasting a sleek outlook, the device is designed to be one of the easiest POS to use, with setting up and starting sales taking just a few minutes. It is the one terminal to meet all your needs, from taking orders and accepting payments, to printing receipts.

Staff Scheduling. Smarter, Easier, Faster

StaffAny is your management toolbox, a one stop solution that integrates your HR processes – from managing timesheets to handling payrolls.

We believe in empowering the workforce to live beyond the status quo. We reimagine HR processes to meet your needs in the simplest yet most delightful way possible.

Built for growing businesses

Consider us your personal assistant. Our always-connected workforce management solution helps you to save cost, spend less time and get smarter as your business grows. It makes the process of staff scheduling faster and easier with its powerful features.

Reclaim your time and do more of what you love

Vend streamlines your operations, boosts your efficiency, and helps you to get the job done faster. You will get more hours back into your day, and you can spend these earned hours in serving your customers, cooking up new ideas, or simply doing things you truly love.


These are some of the cool features of Deputy

Online Employee Scheduling
Save 10 hours per month managing your staff with simple scheduling apps. It can accurately forecast how many people you need working at any time using multiple demand signals like sales, foot traffic and bookings. Employer can create shifts easily using the drag and drop interface!
Time & Attendance
Capture when and where your people work for greater HR compliance, payroll accuracy, and insight into workforce productivity. Deputy can calculates overtime, late penalty and salary costing with every shift according to your own workplace agreements. Employees can clock on and off directly from the app in their smartphone too!
Improve Workplace Communication
Give your staff an easy way to stay informed, share important messages and contribute to the workplace conversation. You can now replace emails and SMS with Deputy Newsfeed.
Easy Task Management
With My Tasks, anyone can create and assign tasks to individual team members, or themselves to make managing the workload easier. The tasks dashboard allows managers to keep track of any task status easily. You can easily create recurring tasks and checklists to any task to make sure nothing is missed.
Employee Performance Management
Keep your employees motivated with regular performance feedback.
  • Customize reports to get a clear overview of your team performance
  • You can add a simple rating or comment on employee performance directly to their timesheet
  • With Employee Journal, you can quickly spot who’s in your team that might need helps

Get A Free Demo of Deputy's Software

See for yourself why 70,000 + businesses use Deputy to helps them on employee management and scheduling

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Scan your bills and receipt to Datamolino.

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3rd Step

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User Review

Andy Hawkins, Propel by Deloitte
Good format for processing receipts, very versatile for different clients. The support team are the best around, always get a fast reply with good results whenever I’ve contacted them!
Mark Purvis, GY Computers
Love this app! Its saved me so much time as i’m behind in my bookkeeping and it really helped the process. Manual is so 2014!
Paul Clark, Paul Clark Accountants Limited
This is an excellent system which has enabled us to speed up the input of sales and purchase invoices considerably. The staff at Datamolino are brilliant, always doing their best to answer any queries or sort out any problems quickly.

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Easily accessible Payroll & HR Data

Our mobile app allows you and your employees the access to update and interact with HR related matters on the go.

Easily accessible Payroll & HR Data

Our mobile app allows you and your employees the access to update and interact with HR related matters on the go.

Here are the steps on how to register and set up InvoiceNow in Xero through the integration partner, Storecove.


Staffany Scheduler
Staffany Scheduler
Helps you schedule with better cost control, faster speed, on the go!
  • Real Time Availabilities​

With a connected workforce, you will know who is on leave, and which part timers are available before planning for your A-team in a familiar interface.

  • Schedule Your Staff In One Click

We understand that speed and accuracy is everything. Just with a few clicks, you are able to instantly assign your staff to various shifts.

  • Better Visibility of Labour Cost While Scheduling

Our budgeting tool automatically updates you of weekly labour cost based on your schedule. Take control of your actual labour cost to optimise and achieve your targeted manpower budget. Lower your operating cost to increase your take home profits.

  • Stay in Compliance With Singapore’s Labour Laws

Manage overtime and hours to stay in compliance with local labour requirements. Get visibility over staff scheduled hours across outlets and periods.

  • Real Time Schedule Update

Let us help you communicate schedule changes. Your team gets the latest schedule and StaffAny automatically updates the staff schedule and highlights conflicts.

Staffany Onsite Timeclock
Staffany Onsite Timeclock
No hardware required & no more costly set up fees
  • Latest Cloud Technology

You do not have to maintain expensive hardware anymore. Our latest cloud-based clock-in technology makes it easy for staff to clock in through their mobile device.

  • Multiple Secure Methods

Have your staff clock their hours via a method of your choice – QR Code, GPS, or WiFi.

  • Stick To Planned Cost & Hours

We help you consolidate hours worked at the end of the month. Smart matching, auto-clock out, unauthorised clock-in prevention and intelligent rounding makes HR processing a breeze!

  • Staff Shifts Across Multiple Locations

Clock into different locations with nicely categorised work hours, making transferring between locations a hassle-free operation. Consolidating worked hours for employees who work across different outlets will not be time-consuming and troublesome any further.

Staffany Smart Timesheets
Staffany Smart Timesheets
Designed to embrace changes on the ground
  •  Automated Consolidation

The hardest part about payroll is making sure the work data is right. With StaffAny, overtime calculations, work performance and the anomalies are automated and flagged out for your attention.

  • Smart Tooling To Control Cost

Never compare another timesheet with planned schedules again. Our time clock sidekick automates rounding, early clock-in prevention, auto clock-out to help control your budgeted cost.

  •  Transparency of Timesheets for Everyone

With StaffAny, staff can see their own work history and improve on their performance. Never has the reconciliation of work hours and staff work been made so simple. The transparency of our timesheets allow for faster rectification of unmatched timesheets.

  •  Integration With Partners

We have integration with partners such as Talenox and PayBoy. We are open to work with other players and provide simple CSV exports for you to do your own imports.

Staffany Leave Application
Staffany Leave Application
Have a full visibility of your team and make better decisions based on resources at hand
  • Leave Overview On Schedule

We make it simple in one place. View all leave schedules on a single platform to see the big picture.

  • Empower Staff To Manage Availabilities

Build trust in your workplace via the StaffAny Employee App and improve workplace performances and happiness. Leave submission becomes easy and attachment of documentation can all be done through StaffAny.

  • Stay On Track

Know the number of staff who are available, understand their needs through leave history, so that you can make better decisions for leave approvals. 

  • Prevent Loss Of Records

Secure cloud-based storage keeps track of all records and evidences eg. Medical Certificate to give you a piece of mind.

Staffany Real Time Reports
Staffany Real Time Reports
Get all your reports in one single click
  •  Work Performance Reports

Stay on track with exportable month-end reports. Keep track of how your stores are doing.

  •  Work Auditing Reporting

Audit trail of any changes made to the timesheets ensures that your data is transparent and can be reviewed, giving you a peace of mind.

  • Exportable Reports

No more delays in getting information for payroll calculations. Our cloud solution provides live updates from ground staff, which are exportable anytime at your convenience for your payroll software.

Staffany Connected Workforce
Staffany Connected Workforce
Empower everyone to take control of their work performance with a fully integrated platform
  •  Managers Empowerment

Empower managers to make decisions on the ground. With StaffAny’s automation, your managers can make time to be better coaches, to help scale your business!

  • Timely Notifications

StaffAny encourages better staff performance via our constant reminders and employee engagement. Compliments as well as warnings could be issued via their work performance, automatically.


Qashier Pricing Plan


Free Forever

Easy self-sign-up
Lifetime software updates
Cloud-based software


All Lite features
Unlimited transactions
Advanced discounts & promotions
Employee management


All Essential features
Unlimited products
Customer relationship
Sales transactions and records


There’s a reason why StaffAny has reached over 100 satisfied clients & users!

ABSS PSG Application and Claim process guides

ABSS PSG Application and Claim process guides

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K-Reporting is an automated financial reporting tool that provides you with customizable reports and visualization.

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Xero PSG Application and Claim process guides

Here are the steps on how to register and set up InvoiceNow in Xero through the integration partner, Storecove.

Training is provided to ensure that you fully utilize the powerful capabilities of Xero

Learn what we cover in our training sessions here

StaffAny Workforce Management Solution: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before StaffAny, few businesses realise that not managing hourly teams properly actually results in additional labour costs and operational inefficiency. This is due to the complexity of scheduling in hourly industries which are varied and ever changing. Time theft and OT overspend are also common but less recognised issues that can be a huge drain of labour cost to hourly work businesses. StaffAny’s mission is to help businesses in the hourly work industry to overcome such productivity and operational issues, optimize labor costs, and focus on doing real business.

No, we serve companies with varied headcounts from as low as 3 to over 1000.

Yes, all staff are required to download the StaffAny app, as they will use it to clock-in for work. Managers can also use the app to manage daily operations, keep track of team visibility and make any changes.

We serve businesses operating in the hourly work industries – ranging from F&B, Retail, Logistics and more. Businesses with scheduling and time-tracking needs who wish to increase their productivity while optimizing costs will find great value in StaffAny.

StaffAny’s niche is in understanding and creating a tool specially for the blue-collared workforce, so you can rest assured that your needs are well catered for. StaffAny’s team is based in Singapore, so you can enjoy local support with minimised delay as well!

Not at all! We understand that it can look daunting for you. However do rest assured that throughout the onboarding phase, our customer success expert will be there to guide you and your team to understand the different functions. You will be able to start and run StaffAny within 2 weeks.

No hardware is required, we know that you do not want to have expensive maintenance cost!

Team 361 is an official authorised partner of StaffAny. Being a leading cloud integrator, we are proud to represent multiple software solutions. We provide unbiased recommendations and will only propose the most appropriate and value-for-money solutions for you, including the information on relevant grant support available.

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