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Xero Vs QuickBooks Online

Xero Vs QuickBooks Online In today’s digital world, picking the right accounting software is important for SMEs and startups in Singapore as they strive for financial efficiency. At 361 Degree Consultancy, we’re all about providing smart software solutions to support SMEs. We understand the importance of choosing the perfect accounting software for…
| April 8, 2024

Singapore Budget 2024

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Mr Lawrence Wong, has just delivered the new Budget 2024 “Building Our Shared Future Together” today.  In this year’s budget announcement, Minister Wong addressed several key issues that many Singaporeans are concerned with. He spoke about the worldwide inflation, slower local economic growth…
| February 16, 2024

Xero’s New Invoicing is here. Start invoicing smarter and faster today!

Say goodbye to Xero's Classic Invoicing Solution. From 1st September 2024, Classic Invoicing will no longer be available for use.Embrace the new and improved version - New Invoicing. It saves you time and effort with a modern interface, intuitive design, and powerful features such as:Customising your invoices to show or…
| February 14, 2024

3 Ways How AI Can Impact Your Business

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now a big trend in technology. It is capable of accomplishing tasks that formerly required human intelligence such as learning, problem-solving and decision-making, using methods of machine learning and deep learning. So what exactly does this mean for your business and for the SMEs in Singapore?…
| January 18, 2024

How to prevent hackers from hacking your computer!

Secure your data! In today's digital era, where payments and messages are just a few clicks away, our vulnerability to cyber threats has never been more apparent. Coupled with the Singapore government’s push for more companies to move towards digitalisation, the risks of falling prey to cybercriminals have since escalated…
| January 15, 2024

Big Savings with 361DC! Get 50% off HRM Software*

Do you know that there is only less than 3 months left before you have to submit information about your employees’ employment income to IRAS electronically?With these upcoming changes in the new year, we have a suite of HRM solutions that are tailored to assist your company to effectively manage…
| December 8, 2023
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