Xero's New Invoicing is here. Start invoicing smarter and faster today!

Xero’s New Invoicing is here. Start invoicing smarter and faster today!

Say goodbye to Xero’s Classic Invoicing Solution. From 1st September 2024, Classic Invoicing will no longer be available for use.

Embrace the new and improved version – New Invoicing. It saves you time and effort with a modern interface, intuitive design, and powerful features such as:

  • Customising your invoices to show or hide the fields that you require

  • Automatically save a draft to cloud and never lose your work again

  • Previews allow you to see the outcome of your invoice in different file formats before you send it out

  • ‘Approve & email’ your invoice in seconds

  • Seamless checkout experience for regular customers as their credit card details can be securely saved and reused in the future for faster and smoother payments

  • Unlock exclusive new workflows like e-invoicing and many more!

Try New Invoicing today by clicking on the “Switch to New Version” button within your classic invoicing dashboard. All your settings and invoice templates will carry over to the new version. You can still switch back to Classic Invoicing until it’s discontinued.

Change may take some time to get used to, that is why Xero has given plenty of time before 1st September 2024 for you to switch and unlock the exclusive tools of New Invoicing. Rest assured, your favourite features are carried over to the new version!

Need help? We have a dedicated support team to assist you if you have any questions regarding the New Invoicing or any aspects of Xero Cloud Accounting Software.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below!

Alternatively, you can reach us via 6515 7906 or enquiry@361dc.com.

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