The journey of a young father pursuing his master

19 September, 2017

A young father, Mr. Ho is a HR personnel in a local SME.

He has completed his Bachelor of Degree in Marketing 6 years ago. Recently he started to further studies, pursuing Master in HRM (part time basis) at a private college.

His evening classes end late and by the end of the semester, he needs to prepare for examination and completes the assignments given. So, Mr. Ho has to stay till wee hours to study and complete office’s pending tasks.

After encountering all these situations, Mr. Ho came out with an idea to provide flexibility to his staff which receive full support from the Director. After meeting 361 Degree Consultancy and understand employee’s needs via survey, they decided to roll out FWA.

The flexi work arrangement allows Mr. Ho to have extra time to get ready for work while getting ample time to prepare for his studies and rest. The rest of the employees too benefited well! The work-life balance campaign received a huge success and support.

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