How a FMCG industry started the work-life pratices

How a FMCG industry started the work-life pratices

19 September, 2017

Government continues to encourage more companies to support their employee on FWA. Through the campaign that MOM strongly promotes, Naori-san, HR Director of an FMCG industry understood the importance of work life balance.

She spearheaded the project and together with her team, they conducted a Focus Group to gain better understanding on their employees’ needs and implemented Flexi Work Arrangement. For example, the Flexi Place enables their local salesperson to work and reply emails from nearby cafe instead of going back to office after clients meeting. This helps to save time and make the salesperson to be more productive!

Naori-san also shared that Flexi Time is more popular among her staff as most of them had always wanted more flexibility on reporting time to run personal errands – especially those who has family commitment. Adding on, staff are happier now and shows higher engagement level in the company!

By implementing the FWAs, Naori-san’s company received a S$160,000 as a reward. She has also renovated a small and comfortable space for mothers to use as nursing room by fully utilizing the grant her company received!

If you are interest on how you can provide these flexibility to your employees, click here to check on the requirements!

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