No more manual scheduling for your employees! Automate using Staff Scheduling software.

No more manual scheduling for your employees! Automate using Staff Scheduling software.

Do you know that HR managers and personnel are spending a lot of unnecessary time creating schedules manually?

Many industries, such as F&B, manufacturing and logistics, have chosen to adopt a scheduling software to address the issue and cut down on time wastage.

Scheduling software automates processes such as setting one-on-one appointments or holding monthly team meetings. This saves a significant amount of time for HR personnel, allowing them to focus on tasks with higher priorities.

Benefits of Scheduling Software
1. Streamlined Operations

With an Online Employee Scheduling feature, businesses can change and create schedules through a simple drag and drop interface. Some scheduling software is also equipped with a Newsfeed feature, allowing employees to be kept informed about any schedule changes within the minute.

Scheduling software also serves as a central database for information storing, thereby providing quick access to shift details, leaves, or absenteeism. By doing so, managers can make faster and more precise scheduling decisions.

2. Improved Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Businesses that still use traditional scheduling methods are definitely prone to potential human errors. This can lead to situations such as miscalculations of overtime pay or duplicated schedules and shifts, in turn creating employee grievances and dissatisfaction.

In most circumstances, heavy workloads and tight scheduling issues have been the top drivers for burnout. With automated scheduling software, it becomes easier to prevent employee burnout, reduce staff turnover, and save costs on recruiting and training of new staff. Businesses can avoid such issues through the software’s workload management and schedule monitoring functions.

3. Full Compliance

Scheduling software is designed to ensure employment-related statutory rights, such as overtime pay, rest days, days of leave, etc., are compliant with local regulations. This includes compliance with local labor laws, union rules, industry regulations, as well as certification requirements.

Most scheduling software also provides detailed schedule reports. HR managers can create a comprehensive audit trail using the data generated from these reports. In situations where manpower documents are required for official evidence, such audit trails can be extremely useful. Complete information on the schedule history can help resolve employee disputes or even conflicts.

4. Workforce Flexibility

Scheduling software provides managers with the tools to manage manpower efficiently. Such tools include automated time-tracking, project monitoring, and live progress updates. This will help minimize internal manpower wastage.

In addition, having scheduling software helps HR personnel manage temporary manpower better. It will be a breeze to plan rosters where we need to utilize contingent workers to fill manpower insufficiencies.

Choosing a Scheduling Software

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It is important to ask the following questions when selecting a scheduling software:

  1. In case of internet connection disruptions, can the software keep your operations running smoothly?
  2. Does the software provide tools to improve employee satisfaction and retention?
  3. Is the software compliant with local labour laws?
  4. Does the software allow you to make smarter scheduling decisions?
Here are our recommendations!
  • HReasily: Places vital functions such as payroll, leave, claims, time and attendance all in one platform. Staff management will be more efficient for HR personnel, saving time that can be used in other tasks to help the business grow.

HReasily integrates time and attendance tracking with payroll. It can perform automatic calculations for payroll and overtime pay. Such automation reduces the risk of human errors and time spent on manual calculations.

Businesses can claim up to 70% funding for HReasily through the PSG Grant.

PSG funding has been reduced to 50% on 1 April 2023.

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  • Deputy: Enables more efficient employee management through the use of several integrated modules that allow time tracking, document sharing, feedback, and task-specific messaging services all within one platform.

With Deputy, you can assign tasks to team members and get notified after they are done. This allows you to efficiently track and manage time spent for assigned tasks.

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  • StaffAny: Designed for companies who engage hourly workers. It enhances scheduling and time-tracking. StaffAny also minimises time loss and overtime spend, helping reduce operational costs for businesses.

StaffAny lets you know who is on leave and which part-timers are available in real-time. This allows you to easily fill potential scheduling gaps or reassign workers to areas that lack manpower.

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