May 13

Thank You, Vend Lightspeed!

As a leading solutions provider in Singapore, Team 361 works with a wide network of industry partners to bring a whole spectrum of digitalisation options for businesses.

One of our trusted partners is Vend Lightspeed, who specialises in modern Point-of-Sale (POS) systems in Singapore. 

What is Lightspeed?

Lightspeed is a one-stop, cloud-based System for a wide range of industries. For 15 years, Lightspeed served more than 115,000 customer locations in over 100 countries. Their many helpful functions such as advanced inventory management and contactless/online ordering have enabled their clients to succeed in an ever changing global market.

They have recently merged with Vend, one of the most popular POS systems in Singapore. Thanks to this merger, Vend is now equipped with more resources to help local businesses succeed.

How This Benefits You

There will not be any changes to your POS system, it will continue being supported and improved.

You can also streamline your operations, expand your business, and provide better customer service all in one spot.

In the long term, Clients can look forward to exciting enhancements to the platform, increased customer service, and access to new features.

A powerful Point-Of-Sale solution

Vend provides many useful functions, such as:

  • E-commerce Platform: Increases your sales channels and provides an online ordering option for customers.
  • Centralised Customer Database: Provides a single customer list across all your channels, including your e-commerce store and physical stores. By doing this, you can always keep your customer data in sync and stay updated on their purchase habits.
  • Multi-channel Inventory: Syncs your inventory stocks in real-time across locations and systems. This gives you an updated view of your inventory. You can also select inventory from multiple stores or warehouses to sync with your e-commerce.
  • Contactless Payments: Speeds up your transactions by accepting contactless payments, including mobile NFC payments like Apple Pay.
  • Performance Monitoring:  Allows you to set daily, weekly and even monthly sales targets for each of your staff, and compare how they are performing against those targets.

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