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What is Xero Accounting Software?

Xero is an online accounting software for small businesses that lets you share access to your latest business numbers with your team, accountant and bookkeeper – so everyone is up to speed. It’s fast and simple to work together in the cloud, so you can make smart business decisions when it matters most – right now.

Real-time view of your cash flow

Work while you’re on the move with the mobile app.

Log in online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet or phone and see up-to-date financials.

It’s small business accounting software that’s simple, smart and occasionally magical.


With InvoiceNow, you can send invoice digitally between the accounting systems of suppliers and buyers. The invoice will be automatically sent to the accounting system through a secure network, businesses do not need to enter the invoice manually.

Here are the benefits of using InvoiceNow:
1. Time saving
2. Get paid faster
3. Convenient

Here are the steps on how to register and set up InvoiceNow in Xero through the integration partner, Storecove.


Connect your bank accounts to Xero

Xero automatically imports your bank and credit card transactions on a daily basis, saving you time and money.

Automate transaction matching

Create custom rules to match your bank transactions automatically to invoices, bills and purchases recorded in Xero making reconciliation seamless.

Get paid faster for better cash flow

Easily create and send invoices with online payments and invoice reminders for quicker payments.

No more manual data entry

With the OCR feature in Xero, you no longer need to input information manually. The data from the documents (e.g. suppliers’ bills) will be extracted and saved into Xero automatically.

Protect your business data

Xero backs up your data and protects it with multiple layers of security including industry-standard data encryption and secure data centres.


Xero Project

Its job costing tool that allows you to quote, track, invoice and get paid for jobs all through Xero. And you can see how you could be more profitable. Mobile apps available on iOS and Android too!

Expenses claims

Easily record, claim and manage expenses & receipts online.

Business performance dashboard

Understand how your business is performing and make better decisions.


Automatically track gains and losses across multiple currencies.


Tailor smart financial reports and budget to suit your business.

Bank reconciliation

Connect to your bank for automatic updates and simple bank reconciliation.


Track inventory, control stock, and easily add items into invoices and orders.

Xero is integratable with over 800 software!

Businesses can integrate their accounting software with others easily now!

Over 2 million subscribers use Xero!

Enjoy FREE K-Reporting when you subscribe Xero with us!

K-Reporting has great features that will help you to manage your reports, track your progress and analyse the data collected from Xero.

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Xero Cloud Accounting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have any questions about Xero accounting and our services in Singapore and beyond? You’ll find what you need right here.

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have regarding our services. Have a read below to learn more about Xero or get in touch with our team today. We are always ready to answer any queries you might have, particularly if you feel they have not been covered below.

Xero Accounting Software customers may be eligible for up to 80% government subsidy with PSG when they purchase a one-year subscription and migrate their data to the cloud solution.

We provide assistance in a number of different ways, so our customers are never left out in the cold. We provide a handy live chat client and telephone line during business hours and an email contact outside of business hours. We also publish resources on our blog platform.

Yes, you can. The Xero solution is a flexible one, and provides an effective accounting service for small businesses in Singapore and beyond, even as they grow. Head to the Xero app marketplace and find a suite of applications that you can add on to your solution to make it as effective as possible.

We have spent more than a decade helping small businesses achieve the services they need to grow and thrive in the domestic and international markets. We are excited by the opportunity to do the same for you. The team at 361 has also been awarded the Xero Gold Award in the 2019 Xero Roadshow.

We are a Xero Platinum partner and the price is the same whether you buy from us or Xero directly. However, you will get more from us especially,

  • Value-added services such as consulting & professional service
  • Personalized support (Xero only provide FAQ & email support)
  • 80% PSG grant (no grant if you purchase from Xero directly)

Yes, migration is our speciality. Whether you are using MYOB, Quickbooks, UBS, Tally, SAP or other accounting software, we will be able to migrate the information over to your new Xero.

Please take note that NOT all Xero partners have such capabilities.

There is no need to backup as Xero is a cloud accounting system. Nonetheless, if you wish to backup, you may simply download all the information.

Xero uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it is backed up 24/7 in 3 different locations around the world.

Yes, as a pioneer and leading cloud integrator in Singapore and Malaysia, we assist you in integrating different systems together whether is inventory, e-commerce, expense management, project management & etc. It saves time and make it a seamless experience.

Xero is an ASX listed company in Australia that is ISO 27001 certified and SOC3 audited. This is a very high level of assurance that Xero has taken all the necessary steps to ensure your data is safe and secure.

When we consider the cost of something, we also need to put a value on time spent doing these jobs. Xero easily helps businesses to recover the cost from mundane tasks.

For example:

  1. An average bank reconciliation done manually takes around 8 hours. If you are able to do this faster inside Xero, the time saved allows you to be able to do other things that help drive your business forward.
  2. Chasing debtors for money owed can be a very time-consuming task. With Xero, automatic email invoice reminders will help you get paid faster without having to spend time chasing debtors.
Team 361 is an official authorised partner of Xero. Being a leading cloud integrator, we are proud to represent multiple software solutions. We provide unbiased recommendations and will only propose the most appropriate and value-for-money solutions for you. We will also assist you to tap on government funding support wherever possible to reduce your cost.

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