We are the ABSS Top Performer in 2021!

We are the ABSS Top Performer in 2021!

Team 361 is humbly proud to be awarded with the ABSS Top Performer award in 2021. We truly appreciate the strong support from our clients, and the ever-reliable assistance provided by the ABSS team all these years. Indeed, we have come a long way as an established ABSS Platinum Partner every year, since 2008!

Our role as a Business Partner

For 14 years, Team 361 has worked together with ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) to provide set-up, training and support for businesses islandwide. Our achievements include:

1. Overwhelming Client Signups

As one of the leading software aggregators in Singapore, Team 361 has provided consultancy and software implementation service to more than 1,600 clients so far.

2. Experienced Support

Due to our long-time partnership with ABSS, our team has gained extensive experience in providing trustworthy support services for clients. Our services include an initial non-obligatory consultation, efficient setup, thorough training for staff, as well as after-sales support.

What Makes ABSS Great?

ABSS is a desktop-based solution that provides companies with powerful features , boosting their success in a competitive economic landscape. Useful capabilities of ABSS include:

  1. Multiple Currencies
  2. Robust Inventory Management
  3. Faster Invoices

As one of the most popular accounting software in Singapore, ABSS has supported local businesses in transforming their accounting capabilities over the past 30 years. From reviews shared by our ABSS clients, here are some of the wonderful reasons why they love the software:

1. Enjoy a Lifetime Licence

Clients who purchase ABSS only need to pay for it once! They get to enjoy ABSS and all of its useful features without having to pay for any monthly subscription fees.

3. Inventory

If you have a large inventory, importing all your products onto a social media platform can be a tedious process. Shopline simplifies this task through bulk-importing, where you can upload 100 products at a time. Furthermore, Shopline allows you to edit product details as you upload. 

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1. Enjoy a Lifetime Licence

Clients who purchase ABSS only need to pay for it once! They get to enjoy ABSS and all of its useful features without having to pay for any monthly subscription fees.

2. Customised Accounting Forms

One of the unique features of ABSS is that users are able to fully customise their invoices, quotations and statements of accounts, according to their company preferences.

3. Fully GST Compliant

Being legally compliant to local regulations is of utmost importance to all businesses. ABSS is fully compliant with Singapore’s GST policies and it helps with your GST submissions as well.

4. A Full Set Account

Business owners have shared that ABSS is a very convenient tool as they can get the full set of accounts readily available through the software. All the key reports, such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Bank Statements etc, can be generated in ABSS.

Claim Up to 70% Funding for ABSS with the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

PSG funding has been reduced to 50% on 1 April 2023.

The PSG supports SMEs that want to improve their productivity by adopting pre-approved IT solutions to enhance business processes. Tap on PSG to get a heavily subsided ABSS solution today!

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