Get up to 80% funding for your Temperature Screening System!

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With the current safe management measures in place, it is compulsory for every physical site, such as shops and offices, to install temperature screening devices at the entrance.


80% Government Subsidies

The good news is, you can now get up to 80% funding support for such temperature screening systems under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)!

PSG funding has been reduced to 50% on 1 April 2023.

So which are the temperature screening systems that are suitable for you?

We have rounded up the features of 3 different brands for your reference in the table below.


  HRM Lab Concorde M1 Thermal
Temperature Scanning Measures within 0.7 seconds Measures within 2 seconds Measures up to 1.2 metres away
Alert for Abnormal Temperature Yes Yes Yes
Facial Recognition Yes Yes Yes
Attendance Taking Able to detect if it is an authorised staff Able to detect and display pictures of authorised staff Able to detect if it is an authorised staff even if a mask is on
Integration with HR and Payroll Software Calculates payroll based on registered attendance No No
Pricing Starting from $2,000 Starting from $4,250 Starting from $4,000


Many of the temperature screening systems now look sleek and compact. No longer will you need to be concerned about having bulky hardware sitting at your frontage.

You can also forget about taking attendance via the traditional fingerprint or card access methods. The new temperature screening devices will also be able to record attendance for you based on facial recognition capabilities.

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Which is the BEST choice?

With the comprehensive functions and lowest price point among the 3 providers, HRM Lab’s temperature screening solutions appear to be the most value-for-money solution.

In addition, the HRM Lab’s temperature screening system can also integrate seamlessly with it’s HR and Payroll software since time in-and-out attendances are already being captured using facial recognition. Such integration will help you to enhance your operation efficiency greatly!

Do make use of the substantial PSG funding now and get your temperature screening system quickly!


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