NEW! Free Staff Scheduling Software For Your Growing Business

NEW! Free Staff Scheduling Software For Your Growing Business

Traditionally, you will see many HR managers and team supervisors spending lots of time and effort on planning and rostering schedules for their staff manually. However, as we progress into the digital age, more businesses are embarking on digital transformation to automate their routine and time-consuming tasks.

Day-to-day scheduling and roster planning are now taken over by an automated scheduling software. HR personnel will now find it a breeze to schedule their manpower resources. They can save a significant amount of time which will then allow them to focus on other tasks with higher priorities.

1. GST Compliance

StaffAny is a cloud-based staff management software that is designed primarily for companies which engage many shift-based workers. It provides many useful features for businesses, such as:

1. Automated Timesheet Consolidation
StaffAny consolidates clock-in records from multiple different outlets into your payroll. It also ensures that your payroll calculations are accurate, taking into consideration factors such as overtime and work performance. 

2. Multiple Time Tracking Methods

StaffAny features multiple time and attendance tracking methods, allowing you to choose the ones that are most suited and relevant for your needs. For instance, brick-and-mortar businesses can effectively utilise Geofence, QR or Wifi for convenient location-based clock-ins. As for the other employees who do not clock-in at specific locations, such as company drivers or deliverymen, they can always use the GPS to clock in. 

3. Reminders and Notifications
StaffAny proactively sends reminders to your employees before their shifts, helping prevent late clock-ins or poor attendance. Additionally, it also sends alerts if any employee failed to clock-in during their designated shift, thereby allowing the manager to immediately address the situation. Lastly, StaffAny sends constant update reminders, such as compliments and warnings to your staff, based on their work performance. Regular updates like these can motivate your staff to do better and to improve their work output.

Phoon Huat’s Move to StaffAny

Phoon Huat was established back in 1947, selling baking products and accessories to bakeries. When the circuit breaker kicked in during April 2020, there was a big surge in the number of local home-based bakers. This directly gave rise to a strong demand for Phoon Huat’s products.

They had to double their production shifts in order to meet customer demand and additional staff were needed to manage the operations and queues at their 15 physical stores.

With the extra manpower needed, the management knew that they had to act fast. Manual shift allocations will be tedious and time-consuming. Determined to react swiftly to the manpower needs, Phoon Huat decided to adopt StaffAny to help with the staff scheduling.

Time is no longer wasted on staff planning and announcements could be made to everyone quickly at the same time. The cloud-based solution also helped to track the time and attendance for the staff, without any physical contact required. This was especially crucial during the circuit breaker period. Phoon Huat has indeed made a wise move with the adoption of StaffAny!

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