Leading Institution revamps with Enterprise Resource Planning solution

Leading Institution revamps with Enterprise Resource Planning solution

Being Singapore’s leading private education and lifelong learning institution, SIM is an established institution that provides private tertiary education and professional training. Boasting more than 220,000 members, students and alumni, the institution needed a robust membership management system that could handle their entire membership database.

SIM’s digitalization journey commenced in 2020. Prior to that, SIM relied solely on traditional excel spreadsheets to manage their membership data. However this is not sustainable. SIM hoped to have a more efficient way of doing things and therefore it decided to revamp their work processes altogether. Its internal sales, accounting and membership departments, which are made up of about 20 staff, decided to embark on the following changes:

  1. A whole new automated system to manage their membership and ePayments;
  2. To auto-synchronise online payments with the backend software; and
  3. An auto-renewal and auto-payment/collection function within its membership system.

After several rounds of consultation, SIM decided to take up the Accentuate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to address their requirements.



The new Accentuate ERP worked wonders for SIM and solved their underlying problems. The various modules, such as Membership, Accounts and e-Commerce, were all fully integrated and it provided a holistic system for SIM. They do not need to transfer data manually between the different functions anymore. Other standalone software solutions are not able to fulfil this requirement at all.

In the past, individuals who wish to sign up for SIM membership will have to go down physically to complete the registration process. The hard copy forms will then be passed to the admin staff for approval and processing thereafter. With Accentuate ERP, this whole process can now be automated fully. Individuals can register for SIM’s membership online without the need to make a trip down. The admin staff can also complete the paperless processing directly and all information will be automatically transferred to their database.

In addition, there used to be several membership services which required members to do so personally at the counters. These services range from payments, redemption of membership privileges and issuance of fees etc. With the new system in place, all these tasks could be performed online. This helped to save a lot of time for all the parties and efficiency was raised significantly.

Routine finance issues such as generating invoices and reconciling payments are now automated as well. Besides ensuring that data can be always kept updated, the digitisation of such accounting tasks helped to reduce the manual paperwork. With the Accentuate ERP being integrated with DBS and OCBC, each single financial transaction made will also automatically trigger the accounting journals within the system.

SIM has taken a big leap towards digitisation and enhanced its internal operating processes greatly. If you are also interested to know how your company could benefit from an ERP solution, contact us at 6515 7906 or enquiry@361dc.com.

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