Unleashed Inventory Management

Thousand of clients in more than 80 countries chose Unleashed (Cloud-based inventory management software) to solve their inventory issue.

Benefits of using Unleashed Inventory Management Software

Real-time inventory control and reporting

  • Manage your entire product catalogue in real-time, know precisely in which warehouse the product is located, do stocktakes faster and gain full visibility into stock costs. Maximise your control and make data-driven decisions based on accurate reports.

The right stock in the right place, every time

  • Have everything right where you want it. Manage your inventory seamlessly across multiple warehouses, in any location across the globe. Take advantage of inventory visibility to boost efficiency.

Perfect for manufacturers

  • Allow you to calculate an accurate finished goods cost through costed product assembly and disassembly, costed purchase orders and bill of materials.

Track and trace products

  • Achieve complete traceability with serial number and batch number tracking. Assign a serial number to your final product, or a batch number to any products that have been purchased or manufactured together. View the complete usage history of serial and batch numbers from purchase right through to sale.

Inventory Management that’s perfect for manufacturers and distributors

Our customer from various of different industries



Coffee Roasting


Food Manufacturing

Health and Supplements




What’s more? With the above features, Unleashed developed the Mobile Sales App to make it even more convenient!

It is FREE for all plan

It’s the power of Unleashed in your pocket – the inventory information you need to ensure you can make a sale. Featuring a fast, intuitive interface, you can effortlessly make sales from your iPhone without needing to access a computer or a tablet. Unleashed’s Mobile Sales App – perfect for businesses on the go.

Some of the awards that Unleashed has won

Front Runners



Xero Award

Unleashed Inventory Management: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Unleashed has its own app marketplace. All the software in this marketplace can be integrated seamlessly with Unleashed.

The good thing is, you do not need to re-enter any data again as Unleashed is able to sync the data directly into your accounting software (e.g. Xero). No more double work needed!

Yes, you can manage your shipment using Unleashed. Shipment labels can even be printed as well.

No. Unleashed is a cloud-based software, so it can be used on any device, be it Windows or Mac OS.

Your data is stored at AWS (Amazon Web Services), which is one of the safest web hosting providers in the world.

There is no need to do any backup because Unleashed, being a cloud-based software, stores all your data at AWS.

Yes, you can use the serial number feature in Unleashed to trace who you sold the products to. This will be a very useful function when performing track warranty for your products.

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