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What is is an easy-to-use digital signature solution designed to make digital signing safe and affordable for everyone by utilizing blockchain technology and identity verification.

Identity Verification 

Created in Singapore, is the first ever digital signing software solution to be integrated with MyInfo. This allows users to verify their account with SingPass which increases data security. also verifies government-issued identification documents from more than 190 nations globally.

An audit trail is attached to all documents

  • Document Fingerprint

Whenever a document is created, a fingerprint of the document is automatically generated.

  • Activities Record

Each signer’s identity, timestamp of activities performed by each signer, signing order and signing location are all recorded.

  • Certificate of Completion

When all parties have completed signing the document, a Certificate of Completion will be generated.


Cloud Storage

The cloud platform from provides powerful cybersecurity protection which is definitely preferred to having documents being stored in your own PCs. You will be able to see who has viewed your files, when they were accessed, and if any copies were being downloaded.

Document Encryption

When a document is created, a digital fingerprint of the document will be generated and updated accordingly. To ensure that your documents are safe, all files on the platform are secured using the military-grade AES-256 encryption standard.

Document Tamper-Proofing

You may also choose to add an additional security layer to your important documents by storing a secure representation on the blockchain. This can be used to verify the document’s validity in the future.

Data Privacy

Your data privacy is our priority. All your contracts will only be accessible by you and your intended receivers. You can also choose to include passwords, limit downloads, and set a time limit for your documents. Sign with confidence!

Reward Points

Earn rewards points when you use! You will be able to use reward points to redeem services and incentivise recipients. Look out for more rewards that are coming your way soon!

Support provides assistance during business hours through several channels – email, live chat and mobile phone.

Sign.Net Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

They can be used in all types of documents within corporate operations that require signatures, such as sales, procurement, human resources, finance and accounting.

Yes, e-signatures are legally valid and enforceable under Singapore law.

All documents signed using are encrypted with one-of-a-kind keys specific to each user. Individual data is protected since each user has their own private key to access their documents.

Privacy and trust are our top priorities. The contents of the papers are only visible to you and the individuals whom you have sent to. Your papers are inaccessible even to’s employees.

Definitely! We have an in-house team who can help you to integrate our digital signature service with your different apps. Please reach out to us for more information.

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