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What is K-Shield?

Recognising the importance of cyber security, many organisations have invested significant efforts to ensure that their data and information remains safe and secure. To support this cause, Team 361 introduced K-Shield, which is a packaged remote IT support service that helps to protect businesses against cyber threats.

Just like coming down with a bad headache when you are at home, and you are simply not able to pay a visit to the Doctor. Won’t it be a lifesaver if your Doctor comes online and offers you immediate medical advice to relieve your discomfort quickly?

This is what K-Shield can do for you, if your computers fall sick.

Key Features of K-Shield

K-Shield offers 4 key functionalities within 1 single package to support all your cyber security needs.


Once your computer has been infected with a virus, your data gets lost and the whole system crashes.

Besides compromising data confidentiality, computer viruses may also result in potential data being taken hostage by the hackers.

Having an anti-virus will eradicate these problems as your computers will be scanned daily to detect unwanted intrusion and protect data integrity.

Web Protection

Web protection is critical to prevent scams, malwares, phishing and cybercrime. It creates a security network to block hackers from controlling your office internet.

With the appropriate restrictions in place, you may now restrict employees from accessing porn sites or browsing Facebook during office hours.

Speed Optimisation

Regular scans and health checks for your computers help to optimise their operational efficiency. Does your computer take a whole 5 minutes to boot up?

Running of periodic updates and patches also ensures that your system is being kept updated.

This will minimise the risk of errors and computer crashes, and it helps to make your computer work faster!

Backup and Recovery Manager

Internal efforts to prevent data loss is just as important. Daily backups must be done to ensure the ease of having a full and complete recovery in the event of data losses.

Imagine being attacked with “wannacry” ransomware and suddenly all your data is gone. Won’t you feel a huge sense of relief when there is a backup copy for you to fall back on? Auto-backup does save lives. (Or save your job!)

Why use K-Shield on Demand (Pay as you Use)?

In the event of any unforeseen system emergencies, K-Shield on Demand can provide an immediate line of remote support to businesses. Such remote IT support service on demand is a quick form of relief to manage sudden incidences. The K-Shield Helpdesk boasts of a short response time that simply allows the users to click-and-go, solving almost 90% of common IT issues.

For proactive businesses that are looking to maintain their cyber security, K-Shield on Demand is also able to schedule regular support and checks. Performing such services remotely offers the flexibility for end users to connect to their devices anywhere, anytime. 

Cost of K-Shield

K-Shield will be fully administered and managed by Team 361 to relieve your worries on IT security. Starting as low as $12.99 per device per month, you will be able to enjoy a complete suite of cyber protection through K-Shield. 

Please see below for more details on the package breakdown for K-Shield.

K-Shield: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

K-Shield provides you with critical business security so that your operations can run smoothly. With K-Shield, you do not need to worry about your devices getting hacked and data being compromised or lost. With our support services on standby for you all the time, you and your employees can have good peace of mind focusing on key work.

Antivirus software can help to prevent your devices from virus attacks through frequent scanning checks.

K-Shield uses the BitDefender antivirus. This will be directly administered and managed by Team 361. You can be assured of a protection that is always being kept updated. Team 361 will also alert you of any missed scanning checks, and we will execute it for you.

Web protection keeps the spam ads away and it can effectively block malware from entering your device. Restrictions on viewing certain websites eg. porn sites, personal social media can also be set to prevent your employees from accessing.

All backups will be stored in a data centre located in Australia.

Each daily full backup can be saved on cloud for 30 days. You will therefore be able to restore any data within 30 days from the last backup date. Old backup files can also be archived for future use.

Yes, the 100GB capacity will be shared by all devices that are supported under K-Shield.

Yes, we can pre-select the important data to be backed up eg. shared folders, files and emails etc.

The speed of data recovery is totally dependent on the size of the files and the total capacity of data which you intend to restore. In most instances, data recovery can be done within 30 minutes.

Definitely! Besides having the backups done on cloud, you can also choose to have additional backups done on external disks through K-Shield. This can be easily implemented through our remote support.

K-Shield can also generate Executive Summary reports on a monthly basis for you. The reports will detail all the security checks that have been completed for the devices and provide an overall analysis of their health status.

We will help you to troubleshoot IT issues such as creating user settings, managing email configurations etc. However, if there are problems that cannot be solved remotely, onsite support services can be arranged with discounted charges.

Onsite support services are charged at S$150 per hour (minimum 2 hours), depending on the complexity of the issues.

K-Shield set-ups can only be performed by Team 361. The installation will be done at your premise, and it is compulsory to have the initial onsite set-up. Generally, it will take about 1 hour to complete the set-up, depending on the number of devices to be supported.

Both yearly and monthly subscriptions can be terminated with a 30-day notice. However, no refunds will be given should subscriptions be terminated before their intended duration ends.

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