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Flexible signer flows, team management, Google plug-ins, and more.

What is HelloSign?

HelloSign is an electronic platform that allows companies to send documents for signatories online. Instead of the traditional pen and paper endorsement, such electronic ones can be done directly from devices in a safer and faster way.

With HelloSign, you can electronically request and add legally binding signatures to any document, from new hire agreements to loans, to NDAs. It is available in an intuitive web interface, a developer-friendly API, or as a Salesforce add-on.

HelloSign is widely recognized as a leading eSignature solution by analyst firms.

What is an eSignature?

An electronic signature or eSignature for short, is a way to get approval of electronic documents or forms from anyone.

Do you require eSignatures?

Many industries requires the frequent uses of signatures such as Healthcare, Accounting, Audit, Insurance, Legal Services, Real Estate, Architecture, Government, IT and Cybersecurity

Flexible Signer Flows

Sign documents yourself or request signatures from up to 20 different people in any order, or all at once. When the document is fully executed, everyone gets a copy delivered to their inbox.

See your documents progress with status notifications that keep you in the loop throughout.

Works Seamlessly With The Apps You Already Use

HelloSign connects with the business tools that you are already using. It integrates with Google Suites, Dropbox, Slack, Microsoft OneDrive, Zapier, Xero & many more.

Embedded signing – users sign directly on your site.

Allow your users sign directly on your site instead of being redirected to

It’s completely seamless and the user doesn’t even need to have a HelloSign account. Explore the power of HelloSign API.

Legally binding and secure

Compliant with all major eSignature laws. Additionally, all documents are encrypted at rest. A secure Audit Trail is also provided that includes access times and IP addresses.

Powerful tools to manage your team at every stage

  • Attracting top talent
  • Recruitment procedures
  • Payroll and payment
  • Learning and development
  • Managing turnover
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User Review

Andy Hawkins, Propel by Deloitte
Good format for processing receipts, very versatile for different clients. The support team are the best around, always get a fast reply with good results whenever I’ve contacted them!
Mark Purvis, GY Computers
Love this app! Its saved me so much time as i’m behind in my bookkeeping and it really helped the process. Manual is so 2014!
Paul Clark, Paul Clark Accountants Limited
This is an excellent system which has enabled us to speed up the input of sales and purchase invoices considerably. The staff at Datamolino are brilliant, always doing their best to answer any queries or sort out any problems quickly.

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Easily accessible Payroll & HR Data

Our mobile app allows you and your employees the access to update and interact with HR related matters on the go.

Easily accessible Payroll & HR Data

Our mobile app allows you and your employees the access to update and interact with HR related matters on the go.

Here are the steps on how to register and set up InvoiceNow in Xero through the integration partner, Storecove.


Admins can view all team documents and configure their team settings.
Set up commonly used documents once with signature, merge, and text fields. Use them repeatedly.
Add your logo and company name throughout the signer’s experience, including all emails and signature pages.
Quickly build eSignatures into your app with the easiest API available.
Whether 1 or 20 people are signing simultaneously or in a specific order, we have you covered. You can also carbon copy (cc) other people in your organization.
Have people sign documents in-person on your iPad or Android tablet. ideal for waivers, photo releases, NDAs, and more.
Our Award-winning customer service is available by email should you ever need us.
Always up-to-date, no software to download – get started in under a minute.
Each document has a comprehensive log of each parties’ name, email address, IP address and a record of the day and time of all activity that occurred.
Secure sensitive documents from prying eyes using HelloSign’s Access Code two-factor authentication.
Your documents are protected by SSL encryption and secure server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certified data center.
Get an alert when major events such as a document being reviewed or signed happens.

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ABSS PSG Application and Claim process guides

ABSS PSG Application and Claim process guides

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Why choose Team 361 as your Xero vendor?

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Case Study: How Entrust Public Accounting Corporation reduced their signature process from 2 Weeks to 1 Day with HelloSign

2020 introduced a new way of working for many businesses around the world. To keep up with the transition to working remotely, Jason Lew, Director and Founder of Entrust Accounting Public Corporation, jumpstarted his firm’s move towards being 100% digital. Printing, signing, scanning, and mailing documents was no longer a viable option, and it needed to evolve in order for the business to continue.

It took the company less than 2 days to understand the system, fully digest it, and implement it into their workflows. The previous process of printing, signing, and mailing internationally required up to 2 weeks to be completed. By implementing eSignatures and being able to sign anywhere, anytime, the firm and their clients have been able to drastically reduce the entire process to a single day.

“ Lawyers, professional firms, and government agencies we work with who are used to traditional processes are impressed with eSignatures. We’ve received lots of positive feedback from clients especially during this pandemic where our way of working has changed. ”

 – Jason Lew, Director and Founder of Entrust

There’s a reason why HelloSign is trusted by millions of users to manage signed documents online!

Training is provided to ensure that you fully utilize the powerful capabilities of Xero

Learn what we cover in our training sessions here

HelloSign eSignatures: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Templates are reusable signature documents, best used for commonly used forms like NDAs, Offer Letters, or Sales Agreements. Set them up once, save them as templates, and reuse the next time you need them.

You just need to select who is supposed to sign your document. Then, simply add your file into HelloSign, enter the email of the person, and add a signature box next to your document. You are then ready to send out the document for signature!

Team 361 is an official authorised partner of HelloSign. Being a leading cloud integrator, we are proud to represent multiple software solutions. We provide unbiased recommendations and will only propose the most appropriate and value-for-money solutions for you, including the information on relevant grant support available.

20% discount on annual plan, min 5 users needed.

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