You've been warned! Check out the 5 points below first before you invest in a new business software.

You’ve been warned! Check out the 5 points below first before you invest in a new business software.

It is essential for you to consider several factors before getting overly excited about a new business software which you are planning to buy. Spend some time and ponder over the practicality of the software. Does it meet the needs of your business operations? Can it provide the best value for your investment?

Here are some quick points to take note before you make any decision:

  1. Business requirements: Identify the specific needs of your business and the areas where the software can help to streamline processes or improve efficiency. This can include direct features such as accounting, customer relationship management, project management or even inventory management.
  2. Ease of use: Evaluate the user-friendliness of the software and determine whether it requires extensive training or technical expertise to operate. A software that is intuitive and easy to use can help to increase the adoption rate and promote higher acceptance among the users. The overall learning curve will be minimised as well.
  3. Integration capabilities: Consider whether the software can integrate with other systems or software that your business uses. This can help avoid data inaccessibility and streamline workflows.
  4. Security and compliance: Ensure that the software meets industry standards and regulations for security and compliance, especially if you are dealing with confidential and sensitive data of your stakeholders.
  5. Support and maintenance: Consider the level of support and maintenance that the software vendor offers, including local customer support, training resources and software updates.

If it is a hassle to run through so many options on your own, why not leave the job to the experts who could provide you with all the professional advice, and make sure that you get the best value-for-money deal?

Here at 361 Degree Consultancy, we are an experienced local IT aggregator who has served SMEs and startups in Singapore with more than 60 popular digital solutions. Our team of friendly industry-based consultants will analyse the above issues in detail so that you could get an objective and optimal software recommendation that satisfies your requirements. 

In addition, to help you reduce cost, we would also support you to tap on government funding wherever possible. Do you know that the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports SMEs with up to 70% funding when adopting pre-approved IT solutions?

But, the 70% funding will be reduced to 50% starting 1 April 2023.

You would still be eligible for the 70% funding if you submit your PSG application before 31 March 2023.

So simply reach us at 6515 7906 or to discuss your requirements.

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