Same Tasty Pretzels, Better Digital Solutions, With Heavily Funded Prices

Same Tasty Pretzels, Better Digital Solutions, With Heavily Funded Prices

Congratulations to Ms Olivia Sulaeman, CEO of Auntie Anne’s Singapore, for being prominently featured on both The Straits Times (03/03/21) and IMDA’s IMPact News (12/03/21) about their recent digital transformation!

We are proud to showcase her story and share with you more details about our involvement in her business growth. We are indeed honoured to be able to contribute to her success!

Come join us behind the scenes, and let us show you the journey of how Auntie Anne’s Singapore made the shift from traditional accounting and point-of-sale  processes to digital automated ones.

Before Transformation

For quite some time, Ms Sulaeman has been facing operational challenges to her internal business processes. The finance workflow was manual and time-consuming. The figures were messy too. The system to capture the books was outdated. As such, financial reporting was a headache and there was no way to have an updated real-time status of the key business indicators.

Through referrals, Ms Sulaeman was directed to Laura Tan, a Senior Solutions Consultant from Team 361. After sharing with Laura about the problems that her business faced, an internal diagnosis was done swiftly and recommendations were put up for Ms Sulaeman’s consideration.

The Changes – Xero

Laura proposed the adoption of Xero (Package A) to improve the accounting processes for the business. The Package A under Xero is a comprehensive accounting solution which includes premium subscription, account setup, migration of opening balances, personalised training, professional support and integration consultancy. This will be an extensive solution for Ms Sulaeman that will help to digitalise their entire accounting process.

What is more, Ms Sulaeman was able to tap on the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to get up to 80% funding for Xero. Instead of forking out $5,527 for the solution, Ms Sulaeman managed to save a significant sum and only had to pay $1,105.40 eventually.

The Changes – POS system

Besides sourcing for a modern accounting solution, Ms Sulaeman also expressed interest to upgrade her Point-of-Sales (POS) system. She had wanted a POS which is efficient and yet easy to use, so as to minimise human errors when keying in the orders.

After listening to Ms Sulaeman and understanding what her needs were, Laura recommended a few POS systems that can integrate with Xero, so that the business will have a seamless holistic workflow. Ms Sulaeman managed to select a suitable POS for her business, that has the ability to customise certain features to suit the operational requirements, as well as having a proactive customer support team that can provide assistance when needed. Furthermore, the POS chosen is again supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant, making it more affordable for the business.

After Transformation

After implementing the 2 new systems, Ms Sulaeman was able to enjoy more than 60% in time savings, thereby leading to higher productivity and greater efficiency.

She can now have a bird’s eye view of her business performance, with real-time statistics, anytime and anywhere.

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