Nurturing The Next Generation Of Workforce

Nurturing The Next Generation Of Workforce

Team 361 is humbly honoured to be invited by ITE College Central to showcase some of the current HR solutions in the market, as well as Going Green initiatives which trending solutions boast of.

Through our years of collaboration and engagement with business owners, partners, government agencies etc, we have built our name to be the top software aggregator in Singapore. Having received so much from the community, we also wish to contribute and give back to the society as well. This invitation from ITE came at the right moment and we are glad to have the opportunity to nurture our next generation of workers, and to share our valuable knowledge and experience with them.

The live webinar will be conducted on 26 August 2021 for more than 200 ITE students. We will share with them how green solutions have helped to empower a remote workforce, and explain some of the latest innovative features of current HR software. This will definitely help to prepare them for their next leap into their career life.

If you are also interested to learn more about the various digital solutions in the market, and how you could tap on such enhanced automation to uplift your business, do reach out to us at 6515 7906 or using the chatbox. We will be more than happy to provide a non-obligatory consultative session for you!

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