Manpower Shortage: Digital Solutions for Overcoming the Manpower Crunch

Manpower Shortage: Digital Solutions for Overcoming the Manpower Crunch

Like many developed nations, Singapore is facing an acute shortage of skilled labour. It is also getting increasingly difficult to recruit and retain employees. This poses a significant challenge for local businesses as a lack of manpower can bring about increased costs, lower productivity and eventually poor business performance. Employee morale will be affected as well.

To overcome the issue of a manpower shortage, companies will have to break through their traditional mode of operations and embrace a higher level of automation. With automated solutions, work processes can then be shortened and workloads being simplified and lightened for employees.

One prominent alternative to overcome manpower shortages is by adopting software solutions. Many companies are embarking on digitalisation to automate their workflows. Software solutions are capable of supporting companies with a suite of operational activities, such as data entry, accounting and payroll etc.

How do software solutions benefit work processes?

1. Automation 

One key advantage of automation is that repetitive and mundane tasks can be removed, which will otherwise take up precious manpower time and cost. An example of such software automation is through Bluesheets, an optical character recognition (OCR) software that is specially designed to ease the process of data entry.

Employees simply have to scan documents into the software and all information will be fed into your accounting system automatically. This speeds up the process tremendously as staff will not have to spend time entering the information manually. Risks of human errors are also reduced. 

2. Optimization 

Another way that software solutions can help with the manpower crunch is by optimizing sales and marketing operations. For example, SHOPLINE is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses to enhance their onlines sales and marketing procedures. It does this by keeping a real-time record of the stock levels, ensuring they have the right products on hand to meet customer demand, while minimizing waste and excess inventory.

Additionally, SHOPLINE provides an all-in-one solution to streamline the process of marketing campaigns. It can help to manage email campaigns, brand loyalty campaigns and even work on performance analytics. 

3. Efficient and productive 

Software solutions basically increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees. For instance, Xero is an accounting software that allows you to send and receive online invoices digitally, which directly eradicates human errors as compared to performing the process manually. 

Sales personnel can also utilize Xero’s automatic payment reminders; they need not waste time to chase clients for outstanding payments. Ultimately, the business cash flow position improves too.

Xero helps businesses to stay compliant with IRAS regulations as well. It is able to produce the GST F5 returns automatically and file it directly to IRAS, thereby easing the entire filing process. 

4. Better management and compliance

The adoption of HReasily, a human resource management software, can help businesses to gain better HR process management while complying with local labour regulations. HReasily’s automated payroll processing software frees staff from the hours of manual calculations and filing.

Its mobile app also allows businesses to have easy access to their HR processes from anywhere, anytime. At the same time, employees can manage their leave, benefits and claims effortlessly too, without any assistance from the HR personnel.

Finally, HReasily is able to support AIS submissions, which helps to ease the burden of tax filing and calculations of income tax when preparing income tax returns. 

In today’s market..

Companies in Singapore often leverage software solutions to improve their operations and workforce management, allowing them to thrive in the face of the manpower crunch.

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