Life of a full-time working mother?

17 September, 2017

Here’s is one of the working mother sharing on how it is like when they returned home after work.

“I am a full-time working mother, and I usually end my work day close to 8pm in the evening. Although I do not have to rush home to prepare dinner for my 9-year-old daughter who is currently in Primary 3, but I will still need to go through her daily homework and spend time coaching her. I believe many working mothers face the same challenges as myself. After a long and tiring day at the workplace, we still have to hurry home for the “part 2 battle”, which can be very draining. I have heard of some working parents who are able to work from home occasionally. How I wish my organisation can introduce such arrangements, so that I can spend more time with my only daughter and save the time and hassle of commuting during peak hours!” – Mdm Linda Teo, 33-year-old, Accounts Executive.

After hearing the story that Linda share with us, do you think that it is important for a company to implement work-life strategy?

*P/S: You will get up to S$160,000 from Work-Life grant if you implement work-life strategy.

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