How Jake managing his souvenir using Vend!

17 September, 2017

Jake has been managing his souvenir store at the tourist attraction point for the last 15 years. He shared that usually, customers are in a rush to depart for the next place of interest and many felt that the queue at the cash counter is too overwhelming.


But after using Vend system, his sales reports show a continuous progressive hike. The cloud based POS system is user friendly and can be easily operated via an iPad where immediate payment can be made. So, Jake’s shop assistants can move around and invite customers for souvenir purchase.


And of course with the waiting time cut short and convenience offered, customers are more readily to grab hold of a few items or photobooks to bring home to share.

And if you would like to minimise the operation’s turnaround time to improve your business’ sales, call us now at 9800 1211 to learn more on what Vend is capable of!

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