Colts Polo

24 June, 2020
Colts Polo & Riding is a Proven School Horses that offers polo riding lessons for both adults and children. Their instructors are HPA-qualified, so you can have a safe and fun atmosphere. They are also selling products like mallets, helmets, t-shirts, kneepads and all the different types of basic stuff that are needed for a polo riding lesson.

With no prior experience using the Accounting Software, Xero, Colts Polo & Riding turned to us here at 361 Degree Consultancy. They wanted to use a cloud based software to manage their bank feeds, leftover stock, and also accounting.

Fully satisfied with Xero’s accounting software system thus far, some of the features that apply to them the most are Xero’s accounting that works well for them since they are still a small company. The bank feeds also ensure that they have a much easier viewing of their accounts and stocks help keep track of whatever leftovers are available too. These are just some of the many different functions that Xero offers that has received much appraisals from many businesses.

Colts Polo & Riding offer polo lessons to students of all experiences and age above the age of 5. Each student will be assessed by their experienced instructors before placing them in the most appropriate group.

You are welcome to visit their website for more information if you are interested. They are just located at 104 Turf Club road.

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