Best TableTop Scanner for Xero and Hubdoc

12 May, 2020

Best Tabletop Scanner for Xero & Hubdoc 

Document scanning is an essential aspect of any business operations. It helps to keep the documents organised and secured, improves work efficiency and most importantly, it helps to save MONEY! A significant amount of time could be saved through document scanning instead of manual filings. Besides raising the productivity level of the workforce, having scanned and electronically stored documents will also allow your employees to be better prepared in the event of any emergency.

There are some more benefits of document scanning, such as:

  1. Transforming your hardcopies into readily searchable files
  2. Using OCR (optical character recognition) software eg. Hubdoc, to automate manual entries into an accounting system
  3. Saving money & reducing physical storage space

(Do check out our article on comparing 3 market-leading OCR software here.)

Tabletop Scanner!

You probably have a big and bulky photocopier machine which is also capable of scanning documents. However would you want to waste time walking up and down the office corridor, or would you want to waste time queuing up when here are other people using the machine?

Think about having a tabletop scanner that is conveniently sitting right in front of you, with the compact size of a tablet, and has the capability to convert your paper documents into electronic ones. Take a look and choose between 4 different models of scanners from leading industrial players – Kodak and Fujitsu. These tabletop scanners have the functions to perform OCR (optical character recognition), electronic filing, and more!

For a clearer picture of the key differences between both brands and what they have to offer, have a look at the table(s) below:

Kodak vs Fujitsu

These 2 machines are entry models and it is suitable if you do not have a lot of documents to scan. Another benefit will be its portability, you can easily move it from one place to another.

Manufacturers Fujitsu Kodak
Model SnapScan iX100 ScanMate i940
Max. Paper Size A4 A4
Colour Scanning Yes Yes
Pages per minute 11 20
images per minute 11 40
Scanning side Simplex (single page only) Duplex (both sides)
Feed capacity 1 sheet 20 sheets
USB Yes Yes
Windows compatibility Yes yes
Network scanner No No
Wireless Yes No
Ethernet No No
Direct Connection with


No No
Dimensions 292 x 161 x 152 mm 289 x 107 x 78 mm
Price (RRP) S$399 S$379

Both models are also compatible with Mac, and they work well with both Microsoft and iOS too.

In our next comparison, take a look at these 2 other models from Kodak and Fujitsu. We will recommend these 2 models for heavy users as their speed of scanning is much faster than the earlier entry models.

Manufacturers Fujitsu Kodak
Model ScanSnap iX1500 Alaris E1035
Max. Paper Size A4 A4
Colour Scanning Yes Yes
Pages per minute 30 35
Images per minute 60 70
Scanning side Duplex (both sides) Duplex (both sides)
Feed capacity 50 sheets 80 sheets
USB Yes Yes
Windows compatibility Yes Yes
FireWire No No
Build-in-flatbed No Optimal
Network scanner No No
Mac compatibility Yes No
Wireless Yes No
Ethernet No No
Direct connecction with


Yes No
Dimensions 292 x 161 x 152 mm 231 x 312 x 269 mm
Price (RRP) S$779 S$629

Which is the BEST scanner & Connect to your Xero + Hubdoc?

Both brands offer tabletop scanners that are perfect for your workspace area at an affordable price.

In terms of functionality and value-for-money, Kodak Alaris E1035 is definitely a huge bang for the dollar! Not only is it the faster scanner being featured here, but its price is also lower as compared to similar range of other scanners eg. Fujitsu iX1500.

Nonetheless, both the Fujitsu models have a built-in wireless connection, so documents scanned can be forwarded directly to your designated email or specific location, making the whole process even more seamless.

However if you do not mind having one extra cable on your table, we will strongly recommend the Kodak Alaris E1035! This is the model which we think will serve you the most value for your money spent! Do check out their latest promotions to clinch good deals!

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