5 Impressive Features in Deskera ERP

30 March, 2020

5 Impressive Features in Deskera ERP

Deskera, a Singapore based cloud ERP software company, has recently introduced their latest version of Deskera and we were invited to be the pioneer partners. Being an early adopter, we are fortunate to take a glimpse of what’s inside the virtual box.

There are quite a number of impressive features and here are 5 most impressive features.

Bank Feed

Xero was the first company to introduce the super killer feature which allows users to integrate their accounting software with banks, hence eliminating the needs to access internet banking everyday. Xero integrates with DBS, UOB, OCBC & HSBC.

Deskera went another level higher, the software giant has integrated with many more Singapore banks which include DBS, UOB, OCBC, HSBC, Bank of China, Citibank, Standard Chartered bank, CIMB & American Express. This covers almost all the popular banks in Singapore. More impressively, Deskera integrates with more than 500 banks globally.

The auto-reconciliation feature in Deskera is also an automated tool to complete the daunting bank reconciliation. The accounting system recommends correct reconciliation by using artificial intelligence to compare amount, name, date and other information.

Advance Inventory (Multiple Warehouse & Barcode Scanning)

The inventory module is pretty comprehensive as the features of most of the cloud accounting solutions are really primitive (eg. Xero & Quickbooks). Deskera comes with multiple warehouses, pick-pack-ship, drop shipping & barcode scanning (in the mobile app). These features are extremely useful if your business deals with inventory.

There is no serial number & batch management at the moment even though this feature was available in the previous version. However, the above features are already in the technology roadmap and should be available in the next 3 to 6 months. If you really need serial number and batch tracking, Deskera’s customized plan does have such functionalities.

Integrated CRM

If you are struggling to keep track of the sales process, and often forget to follow up with customers or need to remind your sales team constantly, then it appears you will require an CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Another mind blowing feature is the integrated CRM, hence, you will not need to purchase another CRM solution. Even though the integrated CRM may not be as comprehensive as Salesforce or Hubspot, it does come with multiple pipelines, deals, tasks, activities and contact.

If you are new to CRM and not too sure what you want, I will strongly suggest you try the integrated CRM within Deskera. Nonetheless, it is not free and charges US$10 per user/month. The price is relatively very low compared to other CRM solutions in the market.



Integrated Web-Store

This feature is yet to be released but we manage to peek at the features and it is definitely a WOW! The web-store works like most of the e-commerce web-store but it does connect to your inventory information in Deskera, and automatically deduct stocks when an order is placed online.

The web-store also allows you to sync pictures and make it effortlessly to add, delete or update products. This is definitely a “Must Have” feature for companies who require simple e-commerce or first time frolicking into online e-commerce.



Expense Claim

If you are tired of handling receipts of your employees and hate to see faded images on those thermal receipts, here’s the solution! Deskera’s expense claim allows employees to submit expense claims and it comes with an approval process. The supervisor may approve or reject the claims made by subordinates.

This function is similar to other apps such Expensify or Expense Claim in Xero, and it is an add-on of US$5 per user/month.


Other Features

There are other features worth mentioning as well such as fixed assets, mobile apps & etc, not forgetting the clean UI (user interface) which is very much minimalist, hence, creating a very easy to navigate and intuitive user experience.

We manage to secure a very good discount for our readers and you will enjoy 50% for 6 months when you sign up for a new Deskera starter or essential plan. You may also arrange a complimentary demo by contacting our product specialist. Simply quote “361Deskera” when you contact us to enjoy the special promotion.

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