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Kenny | August 16, 2017

Government continues to encourage more companies to support their employee on FWA. Through the campaign that MOM strongly promotes, Naori-san, HR Director of an FMCG industry understood the importance of work life balance.


She spearheaded the project and together w

Kenny | August 16, 2017

A young father, Mr. Ho is a HR personnel in a local SME.

He has completed his Bachelor of Degree in Marketing 6 years ago. Recently he started to further studies, pursuing Master in HRM (part time basis) at a priv

Kenny | August 16, 2017

Access from Anywhere

Conventionally, you'll need to bring along your bulky POS system and connect it to your desktop for  roadshow. But with Vend system, you  may conveniently access to your POS system from anywhere with any devices - without th

Kenny | August 16, 2017

Work life balance in workplace is not only provide a healthy work environments, it also strengthen employee loyalty and productivity. Let’s take a look on one of the success story of the company after implementing work-life strategies.


Kenny | August 16, 2017

Here’s is one of the working mother sharing on how it is like when they returned home after work.


“I am a full-time working mother, and I usually end my work day close to 8pm in the evening. Although I do not have to rush home to pr

Kenny | August 15, 2017

Low Startup Cost

To start your e-commerce website, you only need to pay for your domain and the e-commerce platform fee. And you can take full charge of the online business hence, reducing manpower cost.


Ruby - | August 17, 2016

We are so proud of Joseph Schooling winning Singapore's first-ever Olympic gold medal in 100m butterfly event at Rio 2016. He has proven that success will come with hard work and pe

Ruby - | July 29, 2016

Most companies feel painful when comes to book-keeping especially new startups with little or nobudget on hiring accountants. If you do not own any simple accounting software (eg. MYOBAccounting Software), adopt the following simple way will simplify the job. 1. Do it daily!Acc

Su-hui Heng | April 28, 2016

Once you have successfully submitted your GST F5 to IRAS, you can then proceed to record that transaction into MYOB. Assume the following is your returns for the 1st quarter of 2016.Therefore, GST Collected (Output Tax) for the quarter is $32,837.40, GST Paid (Input Tax) is $11,134.14 and net a

Su-hui Heng | February 18, 2016

When trying to print out the IR8A for your employees, many users will face this error message. In order to find out what the problem is, go to your MYOB Payroll program folder and locate a text file called 'IRFormLog.txt'. Open up that file and you will be able to see what is the cause of the e