Xero Training

Besides purchasing the solution, training is essential in ensuring that you utilize the myriad of features that Xero offers. Whether you are new to accounting software or had prior experience, we strongly encourage all our customers to take up training to get a firm grasp of the software and prevent future hiccups.

Since our early days of selling MYOB accounting software to the recent years of offering Xero, our team of experienced trainers has been providing clients with the current best practices in the industry.

Our training is designed for 2 sessions. In session 1, you will be familiarizing yourself with the basics of Xero and how Xero performs day-to-day tasks. In session 2, our trainers will engage you in a private session for advanced functions as well as a focused walkthrough on how Xero can be used in your organization specifically.

Training Dates Available

  • April 7 – FULL
  • April 13 – FULL
  • April 20 – Available
  • April 27 – Available
  • May 2 – FULL
  • May 9 – Available
  • May 16 – FULL
  • May 26 – Available

Session 1 – Classroom Training

Introduction to Xero

  • Getting Started in Xero

Quick Xero Guide

  • Xero Dashboard and shortcut tools

Getting Started with Xero

  • Getting started to Xero Settings
  • User Access and roles
  • Chart of Accounts

Setting up Bank Account

  • How to Add Bank Account in Xero
  • Activating Bank Feeds from your bank into Xero
  • Import bank statement transactions

Multiple Currency Transactions

  • Set up and add Multi Currency to your company
  • Handling Multi-Currency Suppliers and Customers

Use of Tracking Categories

  • Set up tracking categories

Contact Management

  • Getting familiar with Contacts
  • Set up Contacts
  • Editing Contacts in Xero

Inventory Management

  • Creating Non Stock Inventory Items/Services in Xero
  • Creating Tracked inventory Items in Xero
  • Importing Inventory Items in Xero
  • Setting up Inventory Opening Balances

Processing Day to Day Transactions

Handling Sales Transactions

  • Recording Sales Quotes and converting into a new Sales Quote, Invoice, Purchase Order and Bill
  • Recording Customer payments for invoices
  • Recording customer credit note
  • Recording Customer Prepayments
  • Recording Customer Overpayments
  • Recording Recurring Transactions or Repeating Sales Transactions

Sending Customer Invoices and Statements

  • Generating PDF invoice and Statement
  • Sending Invoices to customers

Managing Purchase Transactions

  • Recording Purchase Orders and convert to another purchase or sales transaction
  • Copy Bill to a sales or purchase document
  • Recording Purchases Credit Note
  • Recording Recurring or Repeating Purchases Transactions
  • Recording payments to suppliers

Session 2 – Online Or Face-to-Face

Opening Balances in Xero

  • Account Opening Balances from the Balance Sheet/Trial Balance
  • Bank Opening Balances
  • Beginning Balances for Customer Accounts
  • Beginning Balances for Supplier Accounts

Performing Bank Reconciliation in Xero

  • Reconcile bank feeds or transactions from bank feeds
  • Recording Transactions while reconciling
  • Creating Bank Rules
  • Generating Bank Reconciliation Summary

Navigating around Reports in Xero

  • Getting familiar in generating financial reports in Xero
  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounts and other Reports in Xero
  • Editing report layouts

Creating Inventory Adjustments in Xero

  • Recording stock take and inventory adjustments in Xero

GST Reports

  • GST F5 Return
  • GST Audit (Beta)

Fixed Assets and Depreciation

  • Setup asset types
  • Setup fixed assets register in Xero
  • Running monthly depreciation

Manual Journal Adjustments and Repeating Journal Transactions

  • Entering Manual journals and repeating journal transactions

Advanced Accounts Settings

  • Lock Period
  • Find and Recode

Start your learning journey with us, Xero’s Platinum Partner, to fully utilize your software today!

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