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Book-keeping Services
Book-keeping Services

Access to timely and accurate financial information is important to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business environment. The comprehensive range of outsourcing services we offer includes:

  • On-site and Off-site bookkeeping services for monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis and the relevant financial statements/management reports
  • Preparation of full set of accounts
  • Group account consolidation
  • Reconciliation of accounts (Bank etc)
  • Setting up your company’s chart of accounts
  • Preparation of cash-flow statements


On-site book-keeping services


This provides our clients with distinct advantages and benefits. Firstly, you save by hiring our experienced book-keeping staff only for the days you need them to be in your office. Secondly, unlike employees who are directly recruited by your organization, you do not have to provide employee benefits to our book-keeping staff.


Accounting and taxation regulations are getting more complex by the day, and we are well versed with them to provide timely, accurate and realistic training and clarification to you or your staff.


Off-site book-keeping services


Let Team 361 do all the essential work in our office. This way, you get amazing cost savings while taking advantage of our resources and expertise in performing the functions of your finance department. It can be as simple as scanning, faxing or e-mailing to us the financial documents – no hassle.