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Company Incorporation
Company Incorporation

You have a great business idea but do not know how to go about setting up a business?


Do you need an assessment of your business, and on the right business entity to set up?


Do you wish to have expert advisory on incorporating your business?


Don’t worry! Let Team 361 assist you to set up your dream business venture in a seamless and painless manner. At Team 361, we have a comprehensive one-stop advisory and consultancy practice that will help you realise your business aspirations with minimum fuss.



What differentiates OUR services?

In our Asian culture, many business aspirants believe in choosing an auspicious date to incorporate and start their business. Many entrepreneurs believe that the art of Feng Shui or Geomancy can help their business have a prosperous headstart.


In line with this demand, we are proud to team up with Master Jo Ching of DestinyAsia Global Consultancy in offering our unique business incorporation services.


We offer 4 types of incorporation services to suit your needs.






  • Reservation of Names
  • Preparation of Form 45
  • Preparation of Form 45B
  • Making of Common Seal
  • Production of Business Profile
  • Preparation of Share Certificates
  • Arrange Banker to open a bank account*
  • Preparation of the minutes of the first directors’ meeting
  • Preparation of Memorandum of Article of Association
  • Advisory on the nature of Pte Ltd/any form of business structure
  • Advisory on different grants and incentives provided by the Singapore government

* Terms and conditions apply



2) GOLDEN SUCCESS – $1,288

Basic Package + Ba Zi Selection for Company Incorporation  (八字择日成立公司)

  • Includes Certificate of Ba Zi by Master Ching

Ba Zi or 8 Characters, refer to the Chinese ancient science of telling one’s fortune and destiny based on the moment one is born. A company’s destiny, like anyone of us, is influenced by the date and time that it is born – or incorporated. In business, the presence of strong Wealth element during the day of incorporation is extremely important so that it gives you a good headstart against your competitors.




Basic Package + Auspicious Business Opening Date for Company Incorporation  (择日开张大吉)

  • Includes Certificate of Auspicious Business Opening Date by Master Ching


Opening ceremony, cutting ribbons, lion dance or a simple move-in to commence business is a very important moment that cannot be taken lightly. The inauguration symbolizes the beginning of a new journey and you definitely want it to be smooth-sailing. Master Ching, an expert in the Chinese date selection and calendar system, shall select the auspicious date and hour to ensure your business opening is blessed with all  the positive stars and energies that supports your business operation.




Basic Package + Ba Zi Selection for Company Incorporation (八字择日成立公司) + Auspicious Business Opening Date for Company Incorporation (择日开张大吉)

  • Includes Certificate of Ba Zi and Auspicious Business Opening Date by Master Ching