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MYOB Payroll
MYOB Payroll

MYOB Payroll


MYOB Payroll gives you the power to process even the most complex of payrolls, in just minutes

MYOB Payroll




Employ Staff?


Integrated Singapore payroll and leave management solution gives you the power to process even the most complex of payrolls, in just minutes. MYOB Payroll generates all the reports you’ll need to keep management and tax requirements compliant, effortlessly.

Payroll Package – S$2,999

♦ The package price is include Comprehensive Setup, MYOB Training and 12 months 361 Platinum Business Support with Upgrade.




As your business or organization grows, managing your payroll can become very complex, very quickly. Not only do you have to deal with employees expecting their pays on time and error-free, but you also have more employer obligations, a myriad of tax rates, and endless paperwork to contend with.


MYOB Payroll gives you the power to process even the most complex of payrolls, in just minutes.


MYOB Payroll generates all he reports you need to keep management happy, ensures you’re paying staff the correct amount as well as keeping up date with all the latest tax requirements, effortlessly.




  • 200MHz Intel Pentium processor (or equivalent) with at least 64MB RAM
  • Windows XP or Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • 200MB of Hard disc space and 35MB additional disc space for each company file
  • 16-bit colour, 1024×768 screen resolution
  • CD-Rom Drive
  • Windows-compatibility printer
  • Windows-compatible mouse or pointing device


Some features require:

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above


Powerful and easy to use


MYOB Payroll has been designed with the same easy-to-use elements pioneered by the award winning MYOB Accounting, without compromising on the flexible and powerful features you would expect from a powerful payroll system.

Get started fast


The MYOB Payroll setup wizard quickly guides you through the process of setting up your payroll. By answering the plain-English questions, your payroll will be quickly and accurately setup in MYOB Payroll. The Command Centre puts payroll at your fingertips through a series of easy to follow graphic flowcharts. From the Command Centre, you can access any part of the payroll process in MYOB Payroll.

Flexible, comprehensive reports at your fingertips


With access to over 50 flexible reports (for each country), MYOB Payroll provides you the flexibility of selecting records to be printed in each report. You can view payslips, monthly reports on tax, earnings and deductions and also summary reports. You have the option to view reports on screen, send to printer or export them to disc for use in spreadsheets, other databases or email.

Reports you will be able to generate includes:

  • Payroll reports – staff payroll ledger, payslips, payroll register, payroll listing and payment advice
  • Statutory reports (which includes taxation and other reports to be submitted to the statutory authorities) – monthly remittance report (e.g. CP39, Borang A, Borang 8A, CPF payment advice, etc.) and yearly report (e.g. CP159, EA Form and IR8A) printed in the format which conform to the country specific requirement
  • Human resource reports – staff details, anniversary listing (showing  anniversary of birthdays or service years), leave balance summary, leave transaction summary and staff listing by department
  • Office link reports – standard letters in word document which can be customized by user and printed with employee’s information using the office link function
  • Audit rail report.


Simplified and flexible payroll process


MYOB Payroll gives you the flexibility and variety for you to manage multiple payroll frequencies and multiple rates of pay.

MYOB Payroll supports any combination of fortnightly and monthly pay based on calendar month periods with the flexibility of defining formulas for various payroll components.

MYOB Payroll tracks and manages your employee records, earnings and deductions.

It accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions and benefits, which can be set for one time or customized for specific staff. It also handles multiple child relief option (Malaysia only).

In addition to year-to-date totals, MYOB Payroll keeps the payslip information for every payslip ever issued through the system.

This is especially useful for audit and reporting purposes.


AutoPay submission, updates and patches


MYOB Payroll AutoPay function enables easy crediting of salary and payment to statutory authorities via generation of a disc file.


This ensures timely and accuracy payment.

For more information please refer to our download page.


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