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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why 361 Degree Consultancy? Is there any significant meaning in your name?


As our name implies, our team provides a one-stop multisource professional services (depicted by a full 360 Degree) and ensures that we go the extra mile to value-add our services to exceed the needs of our valued clients (which explains the extra 1 Degree).



Why is 361 Degree Consultancy different from other corporate secretary?


  • We are not just an ordinary corporate secretary; we act with integrity in the best interest of our clients, in their pursuit of business excellence
  • We act as a trusted service partner to our clients at every stage of their business success
  • We assist our clients in obtaining the various available government grants to help defray business costs
  • We assist our clients to minimise their taxation by identifying and applying the available tax incentives & double tax deductions
  • We advise our clients on current development pertaining to Accounting & Human Resource best practices
  • We are remarkably resourceful and enjoy a wide network of contacts in various industries that can be mutually beneficial to our clients



I am impressed with what 361 Degree Consultancy provides, are your charges affordable?


  • Our charges are extremely reasonable. We emphasise transparency in all our business transactions and our service packages cater for companies of various sizes in different industries
  • Our mission is to be a trusted partner that provides exceptional professional services at affordable prices, in helping our clients achieve business excellence every step of the way