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Kenny | August 31, 2017

A stationery shop, "Paper & Pencil" was first set-up at a local school area. Business was good and very soon, the owner - Wilson, opened his second shop while launching an online store to tap onto the new pool of customers who enjoys online shopping.Wilson finds that managing and manually updati

Kenny | August 23, 2017

Walter has been working as a Sales Associate in the fashion line for close to 3 years. He mentioned that it is especially challenging when it comes to manually checking the product's availability while attending to a few customers at the same time during peak hours.

Kenny | August 23, 2017

Jake has been managing his souvenir store at the tourist attraction point for the last 15 years. He shared that usually, customers are in a rush to depart for the next place of interest and many felt that the queue at the cash counter is too overwhelming.

Kenny | August 23, 2017

In today's fast developing technology world, e-commerce has become one of the method for directing business. In Singapore, there are many small to medium online enterprises use TackThis! as their primary online sales platform. Here are the 4 reasons why ever

Kenny | August 16, 2017

Government continues to encourage more companies to support their employee on FWA. Through the campaign that MOM strongly promotes, Naori-san, HR Director of an FMCG industry understood the importance of work life balance.


She spearheaded the project and together w

Kenny | August 16, 2017

A young father, Mr. Ho is a HR personnel in a local SME.

He has completed his Bachelor of Degree in Marketing 6 years ago. Recently he started to further studies, pursuing Master in HRM (part time basis) at a priv

Kenny | August 16, 2017

Access from Anywhere

Conventionally, you'll need to bring along your bulky POS system and connect it to your desktop for  roadshow. But with Vend system, you  may conveniently access to your POS system from anywhere with any devices - without th

Kenny | August 16, 2017

Work life balance in workplace is not only provide a healthy work environments, it also strengthen employee loyalty and productivity. Let’s take a look on one of the success story of the company after implementing work-life strategies.


Kenny | August 16, 2017

Here’s is one of the working mother sharing on how it is like when they returned home after work.


“I am a full-time working mother, and I usually end my work day close to 8pm in the evening. Although I do not have to rush home to pr

Kenny | August 15, 2017

Low Startup Cost

To start your e-commerce website, you only need to pay for your domain and the e-commerce platform fee. And you can take full charge of the online business hence, reducing manpower cost.