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Work-life balance outranks Salary

In a survey conducted in Australia, the importance of work-life balance has outranked salary. Do you think this is happening in Singapore as well? Probably not, however, we do see an uptrend in terms of valuing the importance of work-life integration.


1 Work-life balance
2 Higher Salary
3 Cultural fit within organization
4 Career Progression
5 Better Benefits
6 A company whose values are closer to mine
7 Strong Manager
8 Better brand
9 Better job title


(Source: The hiring report: The state of hiring in Australia, 2015, Hudson).


If you are thinking of implementing work-life strategies for your company, there is a government incentive just for you. Company may obtain up to $160,000 from this grant. Check out more details of work-life grant here.

Poh Ling Soo
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