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Christmas ,

the season of gifting to loved ones  and “self-gifting” is approaching.

While searching for information during the buying process,

A technology-savvy consumer would definitely browse the retail stores’ websites for product offerings and promo.


However, you could lose that potential customer easily.

From the day that he/she decide to get your product till the trip to the retail store,

the customer might get a similar merchandise from your competitor.


Due to convenience, the customer might get your competitor’s product as their retail store is nearer to home.

Or the competitor might have an online store and comes with free delivery of the product.

Or customer went down to the store but the product was out of stock.


If you have MYOB Premier and Web Ninja Webstore, it might be a different story.

They help to capture this traffic from potential customer to a sales invoice.

MYOB Premier is able to track your inventory on real-time basis too.


Customer would browse, select and pay for his/her purchase in that single browsing session.

To bring it further, you can even list your products on Ebay and Facebook.


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Poh Ling Soo
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