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Business Booster Pack (BBP)

Business Booster Pack (BBP)

We truly understand, managing a business is difficult and require a lot of attention to details. We are here to help!

As a leading Accounting & HR consultancy firm in Singapore, we are pleased to offer you a Business Booster Pack (BBP). Best of all, it is FREE!

The BBP consists of the following,
  1. HR Assistance such as employment letter format (in softcopy)
  2. 8 Hottest Government grants that you MUST apply for
  3. Important Business Regulations and Compliance Tips

By having BBP, you will be able to
  1. Tap on relevant government grants and scheme to grow your business
  2. Understand essential employment law in Singapore
  3. Save cost & time by using free HR templates in the BBP
  4. Prevent mistake and fine due to negligence or ignorance of company and employment law.
  5. Ultimately, more successful in running your business!

Don’t wait, get your copy now!