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Age Management Grant


For Who?

  • All legally registered private or public organisations including non-profit and public sector organisations
  • Organisations who have at least FIVE paid employees above 40 years old
  • Organisations who would like to promote Work-Life Policy in the organisation


For What?

  • To encourage organisations to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge on age management practices


How Much?

The grant will subsidies up to a maximum of S$20,000 per organisation. It consists of 2 tranches,


1. 1st tranche (S$5,000)

2. 2nd tranche (S$15,000)


1st Tranche

Maximum of  S$5,000 per organisation, and fulfil the following requirements :

1)  Submit the following,

  • Details of company re-employment policy that has been aligned to TripartitieGuildlines, and proof that the policy has been communicated to all staff
  • Name list of all employees aged 40 and above

2)  Offer eligible employee re-employment in line with Tripartite Guidelines

3)  At least one supervisory staff of company to attend a one-day job redesign and process improvement course

4)  HR staff of company to attend a one-day age management course (eg. Fair employment, re-employment and etc)


2nd Tranche

Maximum of S$15,000 per organisation, and fulfil the following requirements :

  • Sign the TAFEP fair employment practices pledge;
  • Organise at least one health programme for mature employees
  • Adopt any two age management practices


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