Tax Return to IRAS in Singapore

Tax Return to IRAS in Singapore

Most taxpayers e-File their tax returns. A small minority prefer to file a paper tax return. Such taxpayers will receive the relevant tax forms from IRAS between Feb to Mar each year.

How to File Tax

Individuals can file their annual income tax via 3 modes:

  • e-Filing at myTax IRAS Portal;
  • Mobile phone; or
  • Paper Form.

e-Filing Tax

Step-by-step instructions on e-Filing via MyTax Portal.

  • STEP 1: Get a SingPass or IRAS PIN
  • STEP 2: Prepare documents
  • STEP 3: Log in to myTax Portal
  • STEP 4: Verify your details
  • STEP 5: Update existing tax reliefs
  • STEP 6: Declare other sources of income
  • STEP 7: Receive acknowledgement receipt

Advantages Of E-Filing

  • Filing Taxes is Easier
  • 24/7 Access to Your Account
  • Longer Filing Period
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