A compilation of useful tips, tricks and features that has benefited Xero users

Do you want to generate Aged Receivables report showing outstanding balances as of today? Aged Receivables report only show outstanding balances based on last day of the month.

Select Aged Receivables Detail [New] report and change Date Range to Custom : [today’s date]

How to get Aged Receivables report [old version] to show outstanding invoices in their foreign currency?

In Aged Receivables report old version, footnotes are indicated for foreign currency transactions. Click Show invoices. Xero will generate an Invoices report showing the outstanding invoices in local and foreign currency.

Do you have a problem of reconciling your accounts because someone made a change after you have finalised your accounts? You can lock your accounts to prevent such problems!

You can “lock” Xero transactions to prevent any accidental changes. The two types of lock date are based on user role. One lock date stops users who are not Advisers changing data. The other lock date stops all users, including Advisers.                                      

Go to Advanced > Accounting > Financial Settings > Lock Dates. Stop all users making changes on and before [30/09/2019].

How do I post manual journal entry into Xero?

Go to Accounting > Advanced >Advanced Features > Manual journals. You can either set a journal as a repeating journal, draft journal or post the journal entry.

Ever need to access Xero easily on the go?

Simply go to the Google Play or Apple App Store and download the Xero mobile app. Users may access Xero from their phones via the Xero mobile app, which offers a simple and clean interface. Instead of using a browser, the app is developed particularly for mobile phones and is easy to operate on the phone.

How does Xero help with data entry?

You could do away with manual data entry by using Hubdoc, available on Starter, Standard and Premium plans. Using your laptop, email scanner, or even your mobile device, Hubdoc makes it simple to gather and manage your invoices and receipts. Once the documents are put into Hubdoc, the essential data is *automatically extracted and synced to Xero* as appropriately coded transactions with the source document attached.

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