Step-by-Step Guide for PSG Claim via the Business Grants Portal

You may follow the step-by-step guide below to claim your subsidy from the Productivity Solutions Grant for your digital solutions.

If you have questions on the application process, please contact your consultant. Alternatively, you may contact us via 6515 7906 or

Getting Ready

  • Your company’s UEN, CorpPass ID and password for login to the Business Grants Portal
  • Website
  • Signed acceptance of vendor quotation for Xero
  • Invoice
  • Receipt
  • Bank statement showing payment
  • Pictures eg. licence number(s) of software
  • Usage report of at least one month
  • Other documents eg. vendor’s clarification letter

Login with CorpPass

PSG Claim step 1

Click on Claims tab

Click on File new claim

PSG Claim step 2

Click on the project to be claimed

PSG Claim step 3

Check that the approved grant amount is correct

PSG Claim step 4

Click on Proceed

PSG Claim step 5

Provide the relevant contact details

PSG Claim step 6

Provide the mailing address

Click on Next

PSG Claim step 7

Check that the solution details are correct

Key in the relevant license numbers

PSG Claim step 8

Attach all supporting documents

Note: Attachments should not exceed 50MB

PSG Claim step 9

Check through the payment details

Key in the total amount paid to vendor (excluding GST)

psg claim step 10

Insert deployment location(s)

Note: If more than 1 location, enter the additional location details under Add New Location

Click on Next

PSG Claim step 11

Input the business outcomes as shown

PSG Claim step 12

Insert feedback (if any)

Click on Next

PSG Claim step 13

(part 1)

PSG Claim step 14

(part 2)

PSG Claim step 15

Check box for consent and acknowledgement

Click on Review

Submit claim after reviewing

PSG Claim step 16
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