Step-by-Step Guide for HREasily PSG Application via the Business Grants Portal (HREasily Package E)

After getting a quotation from us, you may follow the guide below to apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant to receive up to 80% government subsidy for your digital solutions.

If you have questions on the application process, please contact your consultant. Alternatively, you may contact us via 6515 7906 or

Getting Ready

  • Your company’s UEN, CorpPass ID and password for login to the Business Grants Portal
  • Website
  • Vendor quotation for HREasily (Unsigned)
  • Latest financial statements available
  • Key financial indicators (in SGD) such as:
    • Revenue
    • Net Profit before Tax
    • Overseas Sales (if applicable)

Login with CorpPass

PSG application step 1

Get new grant

PSG application step 2

Select your company’s business sector

PSG application step 3

Select the 2nd option

PSG application step 4

Select the 1st option

PSG application step 5

Note that total attached files should be less than 50MB

Click on Proceed

PSG application step 6

Confirm eligibility

PSG application step 7

Provide contact details (part 1)

PSG application step 8

Provide contact details (part 2)

PSG application step 9

Click on IT Solution

Click on Vendors

Key in “361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd” in search box

Select Hreasily Online Payroll version 5 – Package E – 50 Employees

Insert the text line as shown

Key in no. of units as 1

Key in start date (about 1 month from date of application)

Attach and tag vendor’s quotation

PSG application step 13

Insert office location details

Note: Address will auto populate when select Yes

PSG application step 14

Note: If more than 1 location, enter the additional location details under Add New Location

Separate quotations should also be attached for more than 1 location

PSG application step 15

Note: Upload supporting document on the additional address

PSG application step 16

To auto-populate cost details

Click on Subscription/Lease

Click on Yes

Input the business impact as shown

Declaration (part 1)

Declaration (part 2)

Declaration (part 3)

Consent & Acknowledge

Click on Review

Input key financial indicators

Attach latest financial statement


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