You have been in business for a number of years, so you know exactly what you need to keep your business gears moving smoothly. Let us support you on that.



We prepare full set of accounts for you.

We guarantee reliability in record keeping.


We will ensure timely and accurate payments both to your staff and statutory authorities.

Compilation Services

We offer a scalable and affordable way to handle every aspect of your human resources administration.

Account Receivable

We monitor money owed to you by your customers and give you real time reports.

Personal & Corporate Tax

We help you to compute, generate and file your annual personal or business taxes.

Business Valuation Services

If you are considering to sell your business, we will do due diligence to peg a value to your business and assets.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

We will support you through the complex process of M&A

Corporate Restructuring & Strategic Alliance

Looking to restructure your organisation? We can help with the process.

Tax Planning

Need to optimise the tax liability across the different business entities.



Streamline your processes with technology. Gain more time for the real work that you do and for your family.


MYOB Software


TackThis! E-Commerce


If you have needs that are not served by the listed by the softwares above, feel free to contact us to find out more about other solutions we offer.




We also provide consultation on other government grants. Feel free to call us to find out more.