361DC with our proven expertise and high-end solutions are satisfactorily providing acclaimed payroll services in Singapore to many SMEs and companies of all sizes. Based on Singapore Employment Act., companies need to pay exact salary to their employees in a timely manner within 7 days after the end of salary period. Upon failure to comply with this rule, companies will either be penalized or will be held responsible for an offense under the Employment Act. Therefore, preparing and dispensing salaries in time becomes all the more important for companies.

Many companies have a misconception that payroll process is far easier to handle. Nevertheless, when the actual time of calculating precise employee salary and filing statutory contributions arrives, they understand the intricacy of the process. Additionally, the resources and infrastructure to run an in-house payroll process increases your operational costs and wastes valuable working hours. Thus, the best way to comply with the Employment Act and still enjoy the benefits of paying your employees on time is by outsourcing your payroll Singapore services to an accredited Singapore Payroll Service providing firm.