361DC is a leading company secretarial service in accordance to Chapter 50 of the Singapore Companies Act, within six months of formation of a Singapore company, the new business is required to hire a company secretary.” The company secretary will hold the position of the head administrative officer. S/he will be responsible for the smooth running of the legal, as well as, board procedures of the company. S/he will make sure that there is no breach of the rules and regulations. Alternatively, a company can hire one of the efficient Singapore corporate secretarial services.

361DC is offering competent corporate secretarial services to a varied range of sectors in Singapore since 2008. We provide you with a qualified, trained, and experienced company secretary Singapore to assist in your organizational functions with no fuss. Our corporate secretarial services are comprehensive and cost-effective. Our company secretarial services Singapore are suitable for both local and multinational organizations irrespective of the size.