Work-Life Grant

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Work-Life Grant

Get rewarded up to S$105,000 for implementing work-life strategies!

Singaporean and PR are included


All legally registered private or public organisations, including companies, educational institutions, societies, non-profit organisation would like to promote work-life policy in the organisation are eligible for this government grant!


For  what?

Encourage organisations to adopt a Work-Life Balance for their employees

Provide more opportunities for the unemployed to be introduced to the workforce


The grant has two components:

  FWA Incentives (Up to S$70,000)

  Job Sharing Incentives for PMETs (Up to S$35,000)



 FWA Incentives

Company can claim S$2,000 per employee per year over 2 consecutive years for every Singapore citizen and PR employee who is on FWA for at least 6 months.


 Job Sharing Incentives for PMETs

Every Singapore citizen or PR who is a PMET earning gross monthly pay of at least $3,600, and is on job-sharing arrangement, company can claim $3,500 per employee per year, over 2 consecutive years. Job sharing allow two or more people to share the responsibilities of one full-time position.

They usually work at different times during the day/week or alternate weeks and may also overlap for proper handover to maintain work continuity. You may divide the work by function, geography, time or workload, etc. depending on the arrangement.



Please contact our representative should you be interested to find out more!


✆ Brian Ng – 8268 2809

✆ Johnny Kwok – 9816 7953

✆ Kenny Ng – 9800 1211

✆ Soon Chye – 8685 8513

✆ Woon Woon – 9824 1643