Training subsidies to be reduced with effect from 1 Jan 2022

Training subsidies to be reduced with effect from 1 Jan 2022
To all business owners and managers, do you know that training funding and subsidy by SkillsFuture Singapore will be drastically decreased beginning January 1, 2022?
Some of the changes are as follows:
  • For Singapore Citizens & PRs (Non-PMET) attending courses offered by SSG-appointed CET Centres, will only receive funding of up to 70% instead of 90%.
  • For SCs aged ≥ 40 years old attending certifiable courses approved by SSG, will only receive funding of up to 70% instead of 90%.
  • Absentee Payroll will be reduced to $4.50/hr from $7.50/hr.
If you are looking to improve proficiency and productivity in the workplace, then having employees undergo training would be beneficial.
Our partner GEX Academy offers several courses that are helpful in meeting the demands of today’s digital workforce:
  • WSQ Shopify Ecommerce Masterclass Shopify is a mainstream content management system for any business in any industry that allows businesses to create a web presence online with ease and low maintenance. This 2-day intensive hands-on Shopify store building course will equip learners with practical Shopify store building methodology and fundamentals of Shopify, from creating pages, adding products, creating theme, shipping methods to app store, and more. Besides, it also helps learners to understand the legal requirements and guidelines of setting up eCommerce shop, develop a plan for online store marketing and establish metrics to determine technical and user experiences.
  • WSQ Social Media Sales Robot The current trend in marketing has moved towards new sales strategies, Social Media Sales Robot would engage new prospects to provide value to prospects from awareness to consideration by answering questions, responding to comments and by sharing content throughout the buying process.
  • WSQ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Masterclass The Search Engine Optimisation Masterclass will train learners to delve deep into Search Engine Optimization by distinguishing Search engine optimisation strategies & techniques, constructing keywords research and structure of websites, formulating content creation and social media for SEO, designing internet marketing strategies for website, measuring web analytics metrics and reports on SEO results, and evaluating search performance to improve rankings.
  • WSQ Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads) Masterclass The Google Ads Masterclass will train learners to delve deep into Google Ads by identifying and analysing Pay Per Click Objectives & Strategies, examining Google Ads Quality Score, Click Through Rates & Conversion Rate, evaluating Google Ads Keywords Research, formulating Google Ads Techniques & Strategies, evaluating Campaign Management tools & Optimisation and assessing Third party tools & Search Landscape.
If you are interested in attending a course, simply register your interest by clicking on the button below.
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