Proposed Tools To Work From Home

2 April, 2020

Tools To Work From Home

In a recent press conference that was held by the COVID-19 ministry, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo emphasized on companies having to telecommunicate in order to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak. With more penalties and fines being imposed on companies that do not abide by these new laws, these are some proposed tools to help companies ensure that their staff are able to work from home.

Many companies are caught off-guard and clueless on the ways to effectively telecommute (aka work from home). Here are some of the tools that you may consider.

Remote Access Solution

Access Anywhere is a remote access solution that allows users to access office applications such as ABSS (fka MYOB Accounting Software) in the office from home. With features such as fast internet speeds, application control and a universal printer, this allows users to work directly from home on devices like laptops, PCs, iPads and even smartphones.

For an immediate solution to this new measure imposed by the government, Access Anywhere is the perfect solution for companies to use during this period. There are also users control so administrators are able to grant access permission to certain group of users for sensitive information (eg. payroll information). Deployment is fast, installation takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Cloud-based Solutions 

Xero (Accounting System)

Xero, a popular financial collaboration app, is another solution that companies should look at. Well-known for being such an easy and reliable system, Xero ensures that all requirements, regardless of industry, are met. With features such as online accounting that can be accessed anywhere, inventory and payroll, these are just some of the many benefits that Xero is able to offer to companies. At a mere subscription of USD$30 a month with unlimited users, users are granted access to these features that Xero offers.

There is also a PSG Grant which supports up to 80% for Xero packages which include 12 months subscription, migration & setup, training and personalized support. Singapore SME can apply for this grant and pay just minimum cost.

PSG funding has been reduced to 50% on 1 April 2023.

Unleashed (Advance Inventory System)

Another solution that we propose besides Xero is the Unleashed Inventory Management system. Providing real-time inventory control and reporting, this means that companies will be able to ensure smooth telecommunications with its employees at home. Serving industries such as wholesale, distribution, retail and others, the features on Unleashed allows these companies to also track and trace their products as well as managing their inventory seamlessly across any location in the globe. This means companies are able to get employees to work from home without worrying about losing out during this pandemic outbreak.

Quickbooks Online (Accounting System)

Quickbooks is another alternative tool for companies to use to allow employees to work from home. Similar to Xero, Quickbooks has an app that has an almost similar user interface that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. At a non-promotional pricing plan, Quickbooks has a close pricing plan as Xero at USD $31. With the occasional substantial discounts to lure new customers, Quickbooks can be seen as a more economical solution as compared to Xero. Nonetheless, it is still comparable and well suited to the needs of relevant businesses.

There are many more cloud-based tools which are really beneficial to businesses, as a leading cloud integrator in South East Asia, we provide support, training & consultancy services for aspiring companies on the journey of digitalization.

Which is the best tool?

The proposed tools to work from home will definitely be beneficial especially with the increase in emergence of workplace clusters occurring now. These tools also ensure the companies have a solution to turn to during this period as stricter measures are put in place to clamp down on companies who do not abide by these measures.

For companies that are looking for an immediate solution, we suggest using Access Anywhere as compared to the cloud-based solutions. The set-up period for these cloud-based applications usually takes about a week and it would be more feasible and best suited for companies in the long term.

Without having to worry about restrictions in terms of granting user access, these tools will be a great benefit for companies to have, ensuring that they do not have to splurge too.

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