Why businesses like Cloud-based Software

27 March, 2019

Why is more and more people embracing cloud based system? There are many reasons but one of the most important reason is connectivity. And I do not mean by allowing user to connect the software anywhere and anytime, but rather third-party connection using API.


What is API?


API stands for Application Programming Interface. In a simple term, it is the language developed to allow different software application to interact with each other. The future of software is all about the abilities to integrate with other software effortlessly and gone with the days for a software to operate on its own.


All software companies wanted to integrate with each other as long as they are not competing (that’s is why we have Android & Apple because they are competing with each other). Nevertheless, the technology in desktop-based software limited the development of such integration, therefore, we rarely see collaborations happen among desktop-based software companies.


Cloud based software have the advantage of integration via API. With Xero Accounting software for example, there are already about 700 plus add-on in the Xero Ecosystem in 2019 and we expect the figures to double in 2 years’ time.


The power of integrating amplify with the usage of data by automatically populate information from one platform to the other effortlessly. This maximize the usage of 2 applications, but users will just need to enter data once. It is like combining a car and helicopter, we can drive and fly now, best of all, without the need of getting off either one of them!


There are of course other benefits of cloud based software such as ease of installation, access it on phone and laptop, connect anywhere as long as you have internet & blah blah blah, but just the “connectivity to other software” alone, it is definitely worth letting you think twice before you upgrade your next software.